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Sunday, May 20, 2007

FO: Enterlac-Sweater

Finally, (big sigh of relief) Im done with this 2(!)-year old UFO. Yarn is Jaeger - Matchmaker Merino in lilac and light blue. (3 lilac leftovers- 2 in my hand). Needlesize is 4. (and I think 3.5 had been better). And- this was my first attempt to make an enterlac sweater. I learned a lot with this sweater. First - NEVER use superwash yarn for an enterlac, since it will not be so smoothly when you lift the stiches, it doesn't fluff and is not even. Secondly, it must be an even number of squares - and even back and front. This is not, and the sleeve I have cleverly hidden ;-) is a bit bumpy in the connection to the body - since they just do not match. Anyhow, I really do not like this knit - having frogged the sleeve 4 times, so "lost it"and of course started a new knit which feels so much better. And I realized I do not like superwash. Never again. It has a plastic feel about it. Yepp, it is soft, and the colours are great, so I think I will definitely wear it. I have used it today and it was quite ok on the windy sea-side (yepp, we were fixing on the boat), so maybe it will be ok for "around the house".....Sweden has summer tempratures (19 Celcius) and very windy, so It was too hot to wear. The good thing is that this finished item brings me to the APRIL sweater in the Sweater a month KAL, so Im catching up. Before end of May - the May sweater should be done ;-) Anyhow, I guess bug was temporary, now comments are back. So check two posts down... I still think M-I-L sweater is fab. Had to put one more pic of it!


HPNY Knits said...

wow- your sweater is awesome. super job. at least the top of the sleeves matches the front- it looks smooth. I love the effect. MIL sweater is fantastic.
and your mother is such a go getter! wow.

Mary, Mary... said...

Tag, you're it! see my blog.

Rain said...

I think your entrelac sweater looks absolutely amazing.

The MIL sweater is lovely too.

marianne lundholm said...

entrelacen är skitsnygg, vad du kan sigrid, o vilka blommor