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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Secrets in Garden of Eden!

Next project is growing out of my new knitting friendly handbag. Noro- Yes, Kochoran- yes. Nr 10 - does not exist in Sweden (and Denmark anymore).. If you find 1 or 2 hanks in your LYS I would definitely reimburse you! But - Not enough yarn speaks to creativity. I just love this colourway - it is to bad

Eisaku do not understand how well it fits the Nordic "blue hour". Anyhow- thank you for your nice comments. It feel a little vulnerable for exposing myself, but hey - nothing for a Pippi double! Anyhow - the mast is on, and the sweet peas are planted next to suger peas. Anyhow - the garden is amazing. I have never had such a bloom of rhododendrons - Truely the first mild winter. And having Tulips, peonies and Tall bearded Irises next to syringa. It is amazing. I could post every day with all the flower shots (at least until Im done with this knitting!) Well, Mary, what do you know. Im going to Grenoble for a week 4-9th of June, so Ill be in France too. Busy schedule visiting research labs - but also time for Chartreuse munks. Then we (hubby and I) discuss if it is Midsummer at the Riviera- I have some work that weekend I should do - but hey - largest holiday in Sweden is something you want to spend in the sailboat. Decisions. I just love theese decisions - how fortunate Im that I have a choice.


Annie said...

I just saw some Kochoran #10 at this ebay site, which does ship internationally, I think.


Good luck with the search!

Garngamen said...

Thanks Annie! I guess I should say "Europe" since with shipping 13.95 dollar and the customs (approx +25%) I think it is a bit to dear/garngamen
But thanks for telling me!

Zoe said...

If I see any number 10 on my travels I will let you know.

HPNY Knits said...

decision are wonderful but can be paralysing. have fun with it. I love that the project it grown out of the bag!

HPNY Knits said...

you need Kochoran #10- only 2 skeins? I'll look around.

Anna said...

Jättefin färg på det där norot. Så fina "entrelac"-tröjor du har stickat, vilket jobb. Phu.