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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Winter- All saints night - Another yarn-show :-)

Freezing at night, and snowing wet at day, I realized that the "syfestival" = Sewing festival (hey no knitting or yarn in THAT name!) was on. Some dear person squeeled that the Danish Kartehuset was there, so I buy more fleece to finish my sock ;-) So, I rushed there. Kartehuset had the best spot, just inside the door, and they also had yummy merino,silke, camel tops to spin! But, the weirdness of these festivals is that there is 99% cash! and I had almost nothing! (Well, Euro's but hey, Swedish people still use the KRONOR!) I got my fleece and went around with sulking eyes. No, I HAVE a yarn room. I really do. Buy NO MORE: Ha! I met Tanja who have done a fantastic silk-garden alpacka mixed wrap-around (Vouge knitting-pattern) and she merrily told me about the new secret moneymachine ;-) Ahh! Plastic saves my day! So, after that, I got (I finally figured it out) some UlloMera one thread that will go with the rather "dull" Kempe's wool in green to my Catherine Parr. Ok, Merono silk from Grinasco (to color). Then I met dearest Margret from Färgkraft. Drueling at Dearest Nysta - bought a book and another head-band yarn, Garnverket - bought two books (she has the Fardhem Gotland-yarn), and of course everyone and everyone at Sticka's stand. I found "just the right" two hanks from Solveig's silk to mix with the cotton from Arcu...you know that Peru unpronouncable mark... Wow. Then Inspired by Tanja's merio-freak-out at Kartehuset I went back and got a whole set of turqoise. Im so into those shades. After giving Stäket (Eva) a quick buy of needles, I ran out in the snow and back to hubby. I have not deared to open my bag yet. I'm so ashamed. But when this turtleneck (loose) is done to Julia, it is Catherine Parr that is on. That is just it. Get going. Winding yarn and REALLY go for it. So, Top picture is the most expensive yarn (even worse than cashmere!) I have bought 22 pounds for one hank (Yes, it is from London).
This one is just from some shelf. (Not mine). If it is not to sloshy outside I will try and do a picture of latest stash enhancement! Im crazy. Clear Hording of yarn. At least I didn't buy any new Bohus (only because she didn't bring it!) Ohh, I forgot to tell about Margaretas ¨(Sticka) scrazy idea.Do 70(!) squares for 12x12 cm and then we are meeting to do a coat in august next year. That is crazy. I got to do some! All with "left over yarn". That could be cool. Baglady in grannySquares. I of course (with no sense at all after being hypnotized by all great yarn) signed up. Please forgive me.


HPNY Knits said...

serious stash enhancement Sigrid! all that fab unreachable yarn (for us). sounds great, and for the spinning too- perfect for a sloshy weekend.
leftover yarn for squares, I love the idea! can't wait to see the colors.

Zoe said...

Your yarn purchase sound and look great. Wow, I wish we had snow!

ingrid_in_sweden said...

*snort* this is one of the reason I chose not to go. Stash enhancement syndrome - very hard to get rid of!

Smiles from another fiberholic,

Fru Babsan said...

I actually did not sign up for the 70 squares! (Though it was close.) I've got so many other projects lying around that I'd rather finish.

I di'nt come home with a sewingmachine either, though it was even closer. But I too filled my stash with some lovely yarns. I don't see how anyone beeing at the Syfestival could have avoided that.

I had a great time!