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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Snow, Socks, Trekking, and Chaos!

Snow Chaos hit Stockholm by surprise. My dear warned me to take the car with summer-tires, but hey, he has cried wolf one time too much, so I ignored him and rushed to work yesterday. When leaving work it was too late. I left the parking at 6 and had to dig out the car with no gloves. I also didn't take my long-Johns Hmm, wanted to look slimmer at the meeting today, but hey. Thank you for dear, who had left my knitted Noro cap in the car. That helped. So after 2 hours! not getting more than 1 km (1000 meters) I resigned taking the car BACK to the parking and walked to the sub. I was very lucky, I only had to wait 20 minutes, and then coming to the central station, where 99% of all trains were cancelled, mine went (2 hours delayed) after 15 minutes. The train (Pendeln) stopped over the motorway, and cars and lorries scattered to block the traffic. No bus, (I saw it later stranded. Now it is -10 degrees Celsius, A hand of snow and a lot of ice. I worked from home today. Thank you for computers! Anyhow, I had Julia on (and thank you all for the nice comments) but NO ONE commented at work. I guess it looked so professional, noone even thought it was handmade. Anyway, you nice comments and the work I know was behinding made me smile all day (which is rather strange when chaos is lurking!) Was it warm? Surprisingly soft AND warm, with the angora. Im very happy. Now I'm thinking of Knitting pants again. I'm NOT finished with what I bought in London. I got one ball of TREKKING (normal sockyarn, 75% wool, 25 nylon), great colours. I need socks. They would probable be durable. And the "Trekking button" is just too nice! Last minute "join". Anyway a good way to find Normas blog and Zeneedel! First picture is the Nickerjack's sockyarn, hand-painted. I winded them today. They are very different. Interesting.
But in this sock-yarn discussion, I forgot to tell you about the greatest present I got from my dear HpNY Knits, which is from the PETAL collection. It was a bag, great hydrangea socks from Sundry. Just that heart-warming gift. Three pair of socks coming up. Also, I have really prepared for Catherine Parr. Swatched, and yarn winded. Ready to go. Like the bag from Stash yarns? I do. Great pattern. Smart! Maybe a little bag first!


Mary, Mary... said...

What a pain to get caught in the snow! Cheers for mass transit and feel free to send some cold weather my way. I have the hydrangea sock yarn and it's really pretty--gloves?

villaa ylle said...

Beautiful colour on that yarn. Julia is looking really great with the very nice neckband finishing. Regards from Scotland. One day I will update my blog too:)

HPNY Knits said...

what an ordeal! we had very warm weather this week, getting a bit cooler. hope you feel better.
lovely socks projects coming up!