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Monday, November 06, 2006

Confusing or just tired? All is Fuzzy!

No Zoe, the last blog-entry pictures was from London. The yarn was for a yarnshop called Stash. The snow was gone this morning. So I walked out in the ice-cold and took this gloomy picture of what I got yesterday.Bag of fleece to the right, three hanks of this superthing green-yellow from Estonia, and the silk in from Solsilke. Grayish white is the merionostuff. It was cold, sand I didn't want to put the yarn in the wet (sorry for all bags).
And I realized that most pictures are fuzzy (shaking with cold probably)..
It is just above freezing, but It will get warmer (All this for you Z - weather!) But good part is that I rushed to Kaffe Fasset exhibition at Waldemarsudde with our Knitting-group Sticka. Nice to meet everyone. Mostly quilts, and I learned that Kaffe has some women sewing up for him based on his colours. Interesting guy that told some history though. And some knitted garments, but I saw them before at Steninge Slott (a castle here). I knew I was going to get disappointed a it (thanks all other blogs), but I still HAD to see it. Rushed home to hubby who changed tires (winter-tires on know!) Yeah!. We were to wrap our sail-boat, but they hadn't lifted her out of the water yet. Im so worried about our little Alice (the boat!). Well, I have started to do the Catherine Parr. Ohh, is she a slow one?
YES. 4 hours 2 cm. 3.25 on yarn. I mix Kempes green (normal 2threaded worsted), and one thread Estonian superthin (so fuzzy picture!) almost sewing thread! that has slow change of greens with a very light touch of bronze. Tough workweek again. I'm off to Aachen (Germany) tue-wed. Västerås (MDh) thursday. Exhausted Friday ;-) I will try to get a lot of Lindt Choclate (the factory is just next to work), and if I'm lucky (do not think so) I will have an hour at Anna Strasse (Görg & Görg) yarnshop. I know where it is at least!
So H. I have not a clue what "left over yarn" I will use for 70 swatches? But the example was a bit too mixed for me. I think I will be more coordinated (like Kaffe ;-)
Have a theme of several colours. Think it through. Create something more calm. All shades of green? no, I do like the Prins Eugen's palett. Blue. Or I actually saw a great painting. Listen to this combo: old pink, lime-grass green., brown-grey, white-grey, and lilac.... Hmm... colours are personal and changes. And we are almost loosing our light here in the blue Sweden. Sun drops so slowly that it is a loooong dusk. All have a blue tint. Just check the pictures.. Like this silk. Sorry for being so confusing. Late nite and brain-dump. Does not work! Luv ya out there. HUGS! Be patient with human flaws, it helps.


Zoe said...

Hi Garngamen

I think I was half alseep when I read your post last night. Must visit Stash when next in London (should be before Christmas).

Anyway, thanks for the weather update. I've always fancied living in a Scandinavian country.

Hope you get the chance to visit Lindt!!! Also hope Alice, your boat is OK.

Lovely yarn again.

Strumpstickan said...

Hejsvejs! Du kan ta bort länken till min gamla blogg och lägga in min nya istället 'strumpstickan'.

Din blogg är fin!

Monica, Göteborg

villaa ylle said...

Ljuvligt garn för Catherine Parr. Det där estniska grönskiftnade ser helt fantastiskt ut.

HPNY Knits said...
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HPNY Knits said...

I am SO glad you saw the Kaffe Fassett show. even if it was not great.
and I love all your great colors. some of the blues and greys are so soft ad subtle!

Mary, Mary... said...

I love your blues and greens. I saw the Holbein exhibit at Tate Britain and was completely absorbed by the blue teal he used in his backgrounds. One of these days I'll dye some yarn in that shade.;)

Strumpstickan said...

Hej igen, ursäkta mitt otydliga inlägg, förlåt! Det är min gamla blogg 'tantenmonica' stick och teblogg som är borta nu och den enda som är aktiv idag är min nya 'strumpstickan'.