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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It is a learning day..

So, I'm not being honest. I bought more yarn than told you about. For example this weird Noro yarn. I do not remember why I decided to get it. It feels weird. In some sort of tree (swe. Bark) Ganbi something. Weird. But, The plan was to do a hair band.
Like the one I did in this other weird Noro yarn. (see next picture!). I seem to fall for the weird yarns (too). They look so challenging. Without any reason. And just to play around with. I also bought an odd Kueyron (black pink grey in the blurry last picture), in a colour that is gone. Realized it is the second time I do that. So, now I have two of them. A pair of mittens? Sweden is not that cold? A purse? Maybe...
I agree J. a pair of silk gloves would be great. Thanks for the congrats! Over the hill and no sliding on the way out. In good mid-crises style I walked fast and biked fast on my journy to work. I sure do need to do that a bit more frequently. Today I had a machine-knitted top on.
I made the edge with beads. I do have a bought sweater that just match it, since the machine-knitted stuff seems to wait to get finished.
So, I was just discussing why so few of my Swedish friends comment on my blog, and the reason is obvious. I speak english here. So, Im telling you. Det är helt ok att skriva svenska - BARA KOMMENTERA. OK? Skriv något. Bums.


BertandFelix said...

Jag ar inte Svensk men jag kan skriva pa Svenka ibland ocksa. :)

Liisa said...

OK! Jag skriver...
Grattis på födelsedagen! och VÅGA inte börja något garnavvänjningsprogram, var ska vi annars få vår garninspiration och färgchocker ifrån???

HPNY Knits said...

London, cool! - great news!
email me at
hilikp@mac.com and I'll email you back with more info, where I will stay classes, etc.