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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Great LYS (2) day!

So this great Knitting bag was bought at Maria's garn yesterday. It is made by Sanna (SannStick). It is made to use on you hip while knitting. Just a tiny bit too small, but great for socks. My Birthday today! Sundy girl. Thank you all, for congratulations! And only present was best given by hubby with love (Ray of Light by Madonna - a bit old, but hey, so am I). Great! But I like to give myself presents. The clematis flowering is gullclematis, and I have actually try to rip it out, but it just keeps coming back. Vigourus! So, Maria talked so warm about the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk , but she was so out. So when I wen't to my second favourite LYS, Nysta (Nina).. She had the full tray of it, and -at 99 SEK I just couldn't resist the four of them below. But honestly I think her other silk is of greater value, just 140 SEK per 100gram. But - I'm crazy. My best silk is still and yet bought at Solsilke. So stop this nonsense of buying. I Keep nagging myself. Maybe soon time to start yarnoholic 12 step program serious. But it is the vibe it is the colour, it is the feel. I MUST arrange my yarnroom in the same fashion, so it is just to walk around. And yes, I do sound like a yarn porn. I just love the touch, colour, smell. I do need help ;-)
But have a look at this. Smooth.
So, also Maria's "fault", she talked so well about Malabrigo from Uraguay, that was just the softest wool in just the right colour... But again (sorry) Nysta got the business (not intentionally), since first I got hooked on the new Noro yarn. Just look at it ahh, and then I realize that was just exactly like the Malabrigo turqoise.. So, I can really see my poncho (!) starting(Bottom picture). What I do with the silk? Not a clue. Mix into mittens? a little scarf? A headband? Wristwarmers? I luv dreaming and planning.
I have also realized that This blog has dropped old mail. Scary. I need to save them. They are disappearing.My life is disappearing. This is midlife crises.


BertandFelix said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

I am in the same boat as you with the yarn stash! Oh, I don't need to buy ANY more yarn. I am almost thinking of taking pictures for my blog but am too embarrased.

Glad you had a wonderful day!

HPNY Knits said...

Mix into mittens! it will be gorgeous.
sounds like a fun day.