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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Apples, yarnstores, Julia and other progress info

The Garden requires full attention. But this weekend has been all about a friend P-G's 50th birthday, and staying with my cousing Sebbe in Uppsala. I of course got 15 minutes on Saturday at YlloTyll, but again (!) I was successful entering a yarnstore without buying something. Maybe stress and hunger had something do do about it. But - I tell you, the store was packed with goodiees. Amazing. I could spend a DAY there.
Also, a lot of displays of knitted garments, many of their own patterns, very smart. But, this week, started slow, but a Machineknitting meeting at Stickbutiken (where we all caressed the new Garnstudio Silke-Alpacka yarn). Great meeting, which will be a story in STICKA's magazine. But Friday I was in Lund - and I also had 20 minutes in a packed yarnstore (Sländan) who had a lot of interesting yarn. Among some, Twinni, and I stocked up on complementing colours for my Speede (100 g of colours 10S and 11). But I sure hope It was not 11S that I had. Anyhow a great and very busy week. On the long trainride home from Lund, I worked on Julia sleeves. So here is progress on both sleeves knitted at the same time. So, it is slow, and still half a sleeve x 2 left. But, I'm getting there. Finally, I have also been good with my circular sweater. "The otherone" is done, but I frogged the first one, so that needs to be reknitted. Finally, what do you say about my handspun sock? I definitely need more fleece to knit the otherone. Since this will not do! But ít will be so warm and soft. I really like it, and I also think it is a great feeling both spinning and knitting the fleece. OK, now it is apple-pie time (Gravensteiner), and I sure hope SAS will not strike, because I'm planning to go to London to the knitting show (just to meet my NY-friend "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!")


Strumpstickan said...

Höstäpplen är så goda!

HPNY Knits said...

it is hard to enter a yarn store without buying, but I also did it last week, when they had nothing "special"
own spun and knit socks must feel very satisfying and they look so cosy!

BertandFelix said...

It IS hard to go into a yarn store and not shop. I don't care how much yarn you already have. I did that this past weekend too. Bought more yarn for a Rowan skirt.

gail said...

Your lace sweater is beautiful! I was at the yarn shop in Lund during the summer of 2001. I still have the yarn I purchased--I need to make something with it. We were visiting friends near Malmo. I loved Sweden.

Brigid said...

Hello Sigrid. We met at Liberty's. Sorry I didn't have longer to talk to you and your friends. Hope you all enjoyed your London visit.