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Friday, September 29, 2006

Yarn Splatter - Yarn craving - yarn restraint?

So frogging the too large sleeve on Cocoon, or twisted floated shrug, makes many small balls of yarn. These are currently splattered all over the place. (This picture is from the summer course at of the colour nestors Färgkraft that I have rambled upon. I guess, I really feel weird. I have now a 62 item work-planning-list. My job is fun (still), and it is just not enough time to knit. Julia sleeves had got some rows during the week (actually, 20 minutes to my new Kista office is ok, but the hour to Västerås (MDH) is better). So, Im called disträ (scatterbrain?) by my hubby - but at my age, I can live with that. Tomorrow I will go to my LYS's (hmm, realized there are at least 4 that I regularly visit in the Stockholm area!) And I do feel like doing a Poncho (how late am I in fashion?) A quick big knit before really digging into Catherine. (ok, I am planning to finish Julia and Modisett Twisted first! They are getting there. And - best of all - we are having a Sticklings-meeting in two weeks. Finally. Thanks Eva! That is our little group of knitters that went together for 2 years at HV (and some of us even 3 years!) in the knitting course. THe problem is I would like to induldge in yarn - but I have so much. Endless much! Anyhow, I'm going to Lund next week (Sländan?) and then Budapest (Hungary) and Helsinki (Jorvas), so, I doubt there will be much time for yarnshopping. But I hope I have some time for it. (Then again - I have a filled yarn-room, it is just so much fun with yarn!).
Oh.. this is old photosession... haha.. sometimes I think I should go out an pour all my yarn in one big pile. That would stop me from buying more yarn. This is just like one hank from each colour.... Summer linnen.
Oh, I forgot. Yarnshops in BUDAPEST anyone? I at least know some yarnshops in Helsinki...(very off main tourist track!) Take care and see you in the yarnshops tomorrow ;-)

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