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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Crazy books on net! Really crazy!

So, I thought the Starmore was a Queen of Knitting. But I bought her Scandinavian Knitting (her first book), and I was lauging in tears. Not only did the book hurt my wallet. But it was so filled with so many faults it was ridiculus. That was an overrated book. Mixing Binge and Skåne. Wow. Not a pattern I did not know. What a waste. So frustrated (this behavior is called "contrafobic") I of course bought the fair-Ilse Knitting book from her. I sure hope it is better. Of course, I found it on half prize on ebay just after. It is so my birthday soon (ok, Sunday!) I'm turning 45! Scary! I guess I should go for the herbrides and Aran knitting. Well. It hurts. Lets give the Tudor roses a better hand. That is good enough. But no clue on yarn. Wow. Weird that is.¨(Sorry Blog do not want picture today!)


HPNY Knits said...

its hard to be authentic.
but chsck out this new place in NYC

Mary-Lou said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday!

villaa ylle said...

Ha du gick också i fällan! Scandinavian Knitting är faktiskt en bedrövlig bok. Den är så eländig att jag inte ens kan skänka den åt någon. Fair Isle boken är inte alls båttre än Ann Feitelsons bok

Zoe said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday. You're a youngster, I will 47 in January!!! Help.

BertandFelix said...

Happy, happy birthday!! You know, I feel the same way about Alice Starmore too. After living in Sweden...well...her stuff is pretty basic.

heidi said...

Grattis på födelsedagen så här i förskott!

Synd på boken, men det är ju också ett mått på dina mycket omfattande stickkunskaper att du omedelbart kan identifiera felen i den.