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Sunday, September 24, 2006

What a week, what a weekend..

What a week! 3 nights in a Hotel. Working like a dog. Exhausted. Conference, talk, hold a one day tutorial... good friend in trouble.in Germany. But home to lovely! Bliss.
Boat motor fixed. And beautiful weather for Sweden in September. It could be freezing, but it was 20 Celcius. Fantastic. Friday nite - inspired by Ulla (Garnlek's) finished Cocoon (ok, Twisted floated shrug), I though, what the heck. It is time. So, We packed up, and half of my luggage was the sweater. Bullandö and to the (in)famous Sandhamn. Full!. But a place at Lökholmen. Then "taxiboat" to Sandhamn. Finally, the real hip place in the archepelago (20 000 islands) outside Stockholm. Beautiful small village, but all closed (evening). Us and our friends went to DB (Dykarbaren) or diving bar. Last nite. Ridiculus place. "Fjollkaffe" 300 sek (i.e. Caffe Latte for 35 dollars!) But a beer for 40 sek (5 dollars). No, do not use the word Fjollkaffe for Lattes- It means sissycoffee! But the big Sandhamn Hotel was more reasonable. We were tired anyway after a day sailing.
Here is the proof I at least tried to knit in the break. But what differs Sweden september to June, is that it gets dark 6.46 now, and in June, It does hardly get dark at all. (11.30 at nite). Well, Great sailing back today, but strained a muscle behind my shoulderblade, so it is actually hard to breath. Weird. Notice the wonderful yarn from Estonia (turquoise in the middle and purpelish), slowly transforming. As usual the neighbourghing boat commented about it. On the other-side was a party boat, that rumbled through the nite, so I think it will be the last time staying there. But, amazing. We have had a almost 4.5 month sailing season, which is fantastic. Well, my new job will require much more of me - a lot more travelling. So, I will definitely slow down this blog to about one posting a week if nothing spectacular happends. Take care out there, and thank you so much for the comments. I luv them.


HPNY Knits said...

glad you had a fun weekend. the warm weather gives you a bit more time to finish your projects for the fall...
don't work too hard.
I have to do a priority list and get on with some finishing.

Zoe said...

It sounds like you had a great time and managed to knit as well. I'm starting an Open University course in October (Humanities) so what with working part-time and two teenagers I think I may only manage one blog per week. Time just seems to fly by now I'm in my forties!!!!