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Friday, July 28, 2006

2nd Yarnvacation part 3 of 3

So, back over the bridge. I actually erased a lot of ramblings about boring Norrviken, great swims in the ocean, Fikas in Gothenburg and moped thefts in Uddevalla. To quickly go to West of Sweden - Arvika! The home of mother and father in law.Knitting discussions and wonderful food. And then, nagging everyone to go to Gammelvala to meet my dear friend Marianne, who I insisted was working by the colourpots. What a disappointment to find that she had already gone. I sure must have missed some information there. But, look at this colours!
Dyeing the hard way (plants) looks amazing. First picture is the leak. It was great! I really held tight not to buy anything. But, that is life. Look at it. Druel. Cochinille, (ok, up right is the sour colours- turqoise...) but the rest is all from nature: purple = Bersilja, and the green small picture is vassvippor (hmm grass-reed (?)flowers)..These pictures really does not show at all. But what an interesting set up. They were really boiling their pots in 30 degrees heat, in old swedish clothes (skirts, aprons, scarf around the hair etc)...But, I didn't buy anything. Not in my favourite yarnshop in Arvika "Fantasy" either. But I got some cute earrings with sheep and a neckless. And m-inlaw encourage me to start to knit an Marianne Isager. So, I dropped my WIP (an old UFO) to dig into my yarnstash. Wow, it is really a fun pattern. You start on the side doing a growing triangle, that soon incorporates the sleevehole. It is amazing. But colours. Ohh... Colours. I'm not happy. M-inlaw also decided to goahead with a Poetry of Stiches. Interesting. just the one on my list. So, I volounteered to order her some HIFA-yarn from Britt på nätet of course, (ahh, fun to buy for others!) but I decided that would be a great gift on her birthday!

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Froding said...

Ja, men jag var där ju hela helgen OCh bitvis på onsdagen. Du fick i alla fall kort på Ingegerd!! Vilka häftiga färger och de gör sig så bra på sin ställning i denna fantastiska miljö....See you...