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Thursday, July 27, 2006

2nd Yarnvacation Part 2 of 3 (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen! Over the Bridge and thanks to good preparation (blogthanks to: Stickeri, Stickera, Stickeralla and 123Strikk that I found through Stickigt). I had no trouble finding Sommerfuglen south of Ströget (Vandkunsten 3). What fantastic shop. Not only filled with all luxary yarn, but also their own selections of yarns. Dearest patient Husband took a walk, and I just digged in. Hanne Falkenberg Ahh, what variety, and a great list to figure out what fits and not.
I bought my SECOND HF kit! Turqoise and lime! Studio 9! Thats mine! And then I found the same wonderful Kidmohair that I have rambled about before. Ha, I already had a good stock on that and so much cheaper! But, lucky lucky copenhagen knitters. Having this great yarn easily to access. Of course the usual Garnstudio and Rowan, but Vivian Höxbro, and Hanne Falkenbergs daughter had also a new line out. But I was most impressed by the cashmere, angora-blend and the Silk. In the yarn picture you can see the hank I bought hanging lowest row on they yellow. And the scotland tweed. Cashmere was just a bit to expensive. But great yarn filled the store. And many knitted models to look at. The great ladies also introduced me to the magic sweater, such a smart pattern. A must knit...So I bought a warm rich yellow silk to spiff up my green silk, and extra tweed to make a second sweater based on HF kit. Too bad she just few that fits "real women" like me. But take a second look at these shelfs. My husband came back twice to drag me away. He is just the kindest companion to have. Letting me indulge in a yarn heaven. By the way, It is his birthday today. And he is not in to cake.
And then I found the new lovely buttons. I really hit it with them. Great. And I do make my own buttons. So, what to say? Lime, turqoise that what just fit the yarn I have been stocking. And I bought the Marianne Ishager book Strikk, that I have earlier ignored. Now, I realized the truely amazing patterns in the book, as well as the mix of different yarns and qualities. She is a lady in my taste. Wow, those danish designers are just so fashionable. I could really have spent a day there, but life is to short, and I needed a good Caffe Latte. So, we hit the streets of the city. It is really beautiful in Copenhagen. Somehow I walked around and ended up on Fiolstrade. There are two yarnshops. The first Strikkebutiken, had Annie Blatt yarn and Noro, but I was still filled with Summerfuglen, so that did not feel like a fresh buy. But then I went to Uldstedet. The Ishager yarn Twinni and Spinni was filling an entire wall.
And, I realized that the list of "missing" twinni (I do have a project awating completion yarn - no it is not started, but a great excuse to buy all shades of purple (and they are many)). So, I guessed, and throwed in some other random colours. Wow, Great yarn. And also the potential to be something, but the guy, very nice and polite, was clearly not a yarnaddict and a knitting freak, sooner some relatives son in need of a summerwork. Not really the sparkle for a pig-out buyingsession. But on the outside I found angora merino (70% angora) in lime from Gepard which was impossible to resist, so a very small bag was aquired. Ahh. Copenhagen. Wonderful Copenhagen. Where a large beer is 75cl (hick). Of course we went on the DEMON in Tivoli, had good food and long walks, as well as a tour on the canals to look at the new hamburger (sorry, new opera-house). Anyhow, My crazy walkabouts sniffed out a NEW yarn-place Bette Design, just on a sidestreet to Ströget (North) Klosterstraede 20. She had just opened, and was not very well stocked, but she had one of my danish favourites Nikolaj yarn, which is I bought in the mix of lambwool, Tussah Silk and alpacka, I give her the thumbs up. This will be promising. Since the other dealer of Nikolaj I know lives in Aarhus. At least I could add a store to the already expert-lists!


Marika said...

My God! Are you planning on going Everywhere yarnrelated this vacation?

Garngamen said...

Well, it just happened. Unintentionally (ha)! If you are unplanned, and your hubby has no special wish, why no go "in the vicinity of".... YARN!

heidi said...

Ahhhh, jag vill också åka på semester!! NU! Jag har en liten mapp på favoriter på platser som jag skall åka till när jag har tagit mitt körkort och köpt en bil. Köpenhamn har plötsligt hamnat ganska högt upp:-)

Visst är Marianne Isager en underbar stickdesigner. Det jag gillar mest med henne är att hon använder olika tekniker till de olika projekten. Vissa är mer vanliga, medan andra kräver att man tänker till. Det gör att det sällan blir långtråkigt att sticka plagg hon designat.

Angående ärmen så är det mönstret som tråkar ut mig. Samma 14 maskors mönsterrapport om och om och om igen.

Hoppas att resten av din semester blir lika bloggvänlig som den varit hittills.

HPNY Knits said...

OMG Sigrid, I have a yarn hangover just looking at all these great colors and reading the descriptions!
fantastic stuff, great purchases.
I definitely have to visit northern Europe next summer!
I'll need at least a month, and probably win the lotto first...

sticka med mera said...

Tänker Du öppna filial? Ulla