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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2nd Yarnvacation (!) Part 1 of 3

As you faithful readers (thanks for all wonderful comments!) notice, we took off again. It was storm and thunder warning, so not for beginner-sailers. Instead we just hopped in the car going south. And- just before fivish I realized we only had reached Norrköping, and my "very much longed for" yarnspinnery (Östergötlands Ullspinneri) was about to close. On phone, (thanks mobile!), the very nice Börje agreed to re-open for an evening visit (that is what I call service!) So, we took a FIKA (brought from home) outside waiting for him. It was hot. The grasshoppers played, and the sheep was chewing away in the background. And a great Giabatta and Caffe Latte, that is FIKA! just some miles from the main road. Silence. A car. Two cars.And finally I entered paradise. Hubby took a book (Life of Trees) and I digged in.
Oh, this quality of yarn is unbelievable. It is like cotton. But it is very well selected and spun wool. Truely the luxury wool in Sweden. I grabbed lime that actually is a weird yellow, and purple/lilac. And some blues, and of course the yarn to to my other Latvian Mitten (I ran out ;-). And... ok, I will show you. This is just part 1. Anyhow, Börje and I started to yap about yarn, copycats, promotion and sales. There yarn sells more in Japan than anywhere else. I think if US got hold of it, it would sell out. It is honest great wool-yarn, with a quality of cashmere and cotton. I just do not get any better. I swear. Noone can say that this yarn itches. And the Do-Redo yarn is a bit thicker, and just yummy. I would take it for cotton if
I didn't know. I just wonder how they treat the yarn since they do not do the coloring themselves. I sure hope there is no superwash treatment on it, cause it doesn't felt well, and I would strongly recommend them to remove any similar process. So, somehow that is my very unconfirmed suspision, that I forgot to ask about. But I guess they don't. Their blues are especially great. I wish for more shades of green. Like turqoise, and a more blue-green that is not minty or too dark. Colours are so important and so determining for a great quality yarn. Anyway, I ended up giving away my Vouge magazine), which I think is the right niche for them. But look at the blends. I just think they are fantastic. So, here I stalled. Just could not choose.
So I went into "sampling mode". Which mean I buy some hanks to try it. Also got some white to experiment on my own colouring. How wonderful. Just go there if you have a chance. I sure hope their son updates their web, so it is easy to order from the web. They are worth it. Go there (link in english!). Swedish quality yarn! I came out with two Large shoppingbags (!) Hubby sighed. We then went to Toftaholm, a historical hotel near a lake, had a walk around the old ruin, and a cooling swim. Ahh. I just love yarn vacations. And swimming in a large cool lake on a summer eve. Ahh. Sweden in the summer...

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Anonymous said...

Skönt att höra att det finns de som kan gå *mer* i spinn än jag över Spinneriet i mina drömmar. Tack.
/Marika, Stickigt