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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More colouring, and some other things..

We started the dying course with mixing some slimy stuff (algees?) in very thick (to stamp) and a more maple syrap thickness (for more control).. with the pulver dyes. Then we had a whole section of different silks, and some wool to test how it floated and behaved. You might be able to spot the crane (in dark) in the middle on the left, which is a silkscreen. We also discussed favourite colours, and you can see me going nuts here. My friend Tuula, was much more cool and collected and did this very planned and smart samples (writing the different colours). I especially like her square pattern. Easy to move into knitting.
Then we had some left over colour, that we used to drop and stamp on this yarn. You can see my current favourite colours, lime, turqoise, green, and purple. Looks like children are having fun with your favourite yarn, but Stop a minute and think. This will be an excellent mitten yarn, where you create a lice (lus) or maybe two or three depending on your dots sizes and stick size. Cool? This special preparation, will make it easier to fix. You just steam-damp it in your "saft-maja" rolled into a cloth. (hmm steam it - I just do not know how to translate that. Sorry. But is not these colours just yummy for a sweater, or mittens (hmm only did 100grams so...)! Just lovely yummy yarn - all wool.
Also, all cloth got fixated the same way. Steam damping. Got one last picture of that. Of course it blurrs a little, but knitted it will look fine. Cannot wait to knit. Otherwise, I worked to 1.30, was up 6.30 today, and just got home 10 at nite.. Am I tired? You betja!
But two last heavy deadline before real summer gets me. And hold the thumbs for me. If I'm super lucky I get to fly the Atlantic to yarnshop frenzy in the US (North Carolina) (no, it was work work work.. but some yarnshop must be open, and some hours must be available. It just must!)


HPNY Knits said...

it looks like so much fun to do!! I like the dots on the yarn. very japanese. can't wait to see a swatch.
for NorthCarolina

Garngamen said...

Japanese? Hmm... well, more is to come my friend!