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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More colour and life ramblings, and a bit IKAT

The Färgkraft fantastic dyeing weekend (enough happenings to fill my blog for a long time) is growing on me. I realized I learned something. I realized that I should never dye when I'm tired, but only when inspired. I realized the possibilities - they are endless, exactly like the spinning and knitting experience. Anyway, this is how my yarn looked like before. The lime and grey are Färgkraft very special Swedish sheep furblend (pälsull). the white is alpacka, and the more yellow-ocra that you just see a glimpse of is real cashmere. There is also a white hank of Estonian 50% mohair and 50% wool from Maria G (sock yarn) in there. And, basically you boil it between 80 and 90 degrees Celcius for an hour. (and using smart chemicals like Baylan, which aids the colour to join with the yarn at a lower temprature - meaning 80 is ok!)
Of course the yarn is washed (in Didavin) beforehand (we had our yarn laying overnight for a wet in the special soap, and the washing it clean in lukewarm water. To the right, you can see the grey yarn - with the Japanese technique IKAT, which means you tie cotton very hard around the hank (and do NOT wet beforehand- but it must be clean yarn). The idea is that you should protect the yarn from the dye. It will have interesting effects when knitting. Also, one hank of yarn? hmm. it is one thread. and very soft. Will be interesting.
The final lime really got smart with the lime. But bear in mind My contrasting colour was ment to be about the same green as the background, but as I said. I grabbed Marine blue instead of the lighter - plain blue. Now, afterwards a true turqoize could also have been great. Well, live and learn. I definitely learned something. And I'm so greatful. It was just that combination of total failure that overwhelmed me. It is over now. I got a cold instead. I have also learned that a cold is the body's "inner cry", a good defence of sadness. Sadness has nothing to do with this great course. It has to do with my current worksituation. My new manager makes life very hard for me. I'm just not ment to be controlled on a detailed level, and ask for permission to talk to people within the company. It seems so oldfashion and delimiting, I'm speechless. I just do not understand how these psychopatic men can be elected. They sure want to control the world. Have they ever heard the leadership words MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION? Well, In this context I think I just totally bummed out when my colour went wrong. But the great learning is - you learn from everything. And, Im warming up to this colour. It is definitely my hubby's favo.. He is what we in Sweden call "skogsmulle", which might be freely translated to forestgnom...but actually refer to a school that existed for minors (no, not the scouts or brownies), where kids go into the forest and learn to play and respect the wonders there... It was popular when we grew up (in the 60s. Hubby is still a tree-hugger. So with this, he will blend in with the fur and pine-trees.


BertandFelix said...


I love the colors of your yarns! I have been tempted to start dyeing but I can just see something going really wrong. Once I painted one wall yellow. I had the paint in the tray and went to the bathroom. When I got back into the living room, I saw a cat standing in the tray and then he lowered himself down and layed in it.

I can just see him doing something to the yarn when it is drying...like dragging it accross the room.

Thanks for the nice post on my blog. I am so happy my sister's cat came back. She was really upset and that is no way to be when you are turning 40. Oh, I will post pictures of the Bohus on my blog on Monday. I just didn't want her to see it and get a clue of what her present will be. It turned out so nice too!

Cecilia N said...

Get out of that manager.