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Sunday, June 18, 2006

First Quick update

Im exhausted. Spent 3.5 hours on a train with no windows and no aircondition, overcrowded around 40 degrees (and no water or service either!) And - my colouring went catastrofic. Why? Dogs- OverSensitivity/allergy - Medicine- tired- stressed- and general catastrophic expectatation made me mix marine blue with blue.
I will show the result.It is not funny. Unfortunately, that was the last impression of my course, so it right now is overbearing. BUT - It was a intense and fantastic weekend with Tuula (the other pupil like me on the right) and our amazing teacher Margret on the left. Ok. Sneak peak of pictures Im going to feel this coming weeks with!


Mia said...

Å vad spännande, jag hade missat att du skulle på Färgkraft-kurs! Det är en dröm jag har också. Ska bli kul att se bilder!

Annelie said...
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Annelie said...

Så kul! Det här får jag nog undersöka lite närmare. Otroligt vackra färger, jag blir alldeles salig. Det kanske var värt alla påfrestningar från resan ändå...?

HPNY Knits said...

looks like it was long weekend, but the colors are so great, and it had to be fun to play with all that stuff.
maybe if we remove ourselves from any results, any process can be fun.

Garngamen said...

The process was great. as I said. It was just the ending. I was tired. It was hot...I messed up (again). No one to blame but myself. I'm such a klutz!