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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Planning, throat, and studentjubilee

Ohh, so summerish outside. My throat aches and my eyes are swollen from the birch pollen. I'm still thinking about Catherine Parr, but, you have learned by know, I'm a bit crazy with both yarn-shopping, and cardi planning. I have about 15 hanks of linnen yarn. Here is the Karin Öberg spun from Holma Hälsingland in my favourite green. Also, the orange was one of those crazy internet sales, where I bought 10 hanks Rowan summer tweed. And I do not even like the colour, but I guess Im trying to get used to it. In the latest Rowan magazine is a fantastic pattern for summer tweed. Im definitely thinking about that one. Fair-isle and much more intrecate slip yarn in front to make pattern. Also you can see my new turquoise linnen yanr (yllet?) just on the edge. Yummy. Linnen knits up like cotton. No elasticy. But having only linnen means it is durable, and after a few washes and wears, it just gets more and more soft and beautiful. So, in right bottom corner there is one hank colinette, and very vague in the lower left corner is the Patagonian thick cotton in green and blue. In the middle is the Garnstudio silke-tweed. All from my stash.
Anyhow, I went to IKEA today (a place I never go (do not like bad quality), and, bought curtains to our library (yepp, we have dedicated a room to - the library) being bookfans that is a great idea. Very calm pattern by Katarina Breiditis, very Swedish. White sturdy cotton with thin blue/black strips. But, the real reason was, I really got fed up with the mess in the yarn room, and bought 15 (!) semi-transparent yarnboxes (with lids). I hope that will bring some order in the stash mess. So, this weekend I'm taking the train to meet my Student friends at Sundsta in Karlstad. 25 years is a long time. And Monday, the flight goes to Vienna. And it will be soo quiet at this very busy blog. So, planning. Hmm. I'm still thinking that maybe Yorkshire Tweed 4ply could be used for Mrs Aragon. And I have to hunt fo some "gold" or colour myself.. hmm that was not a bad idea. But in Rowan Yorkshire I have 14 balls of 25 grams, but there is of course no info about the weight of the sweaters...Well, that could be great figuring out! Maybe do a slink summertop "inspired" by fair-isle? Wouldn't that be cool. I have being too holy. I have decided that I will buy the yarn for the Henry VIII in any case. So, the colours for them are great.


HPNY Knits said...

looks like you had fun in Spain despite the snobbish yarn store owner. we have a good few here in NYC as well. No one understand this phenomena.
>>>15 (!) semi-transparent yarnboxes >> this is serious!
how long is te Vienna trip? I hear the food is rich and delicious...
Thanks for your kind comments.

Garngamen said...

Dearest Hpny! Vienna is only monday to friday, but then I go directly to China
(Shanghai).. so I will not be back until hmmm 29th of May! 15
semitransparent? Well, to be honest, this was ONLY!! the yarn a bought
recently, I already have about 15 (double size the transparent) cardboard-
boxes filled. And still I could not fit everything in.. So, it is VERY
serious. Hoarding yarn like a maniac. So, I thought packing them up was a good
exercise to prevent me from buying anything else!!!

HPNY Knits said...

oh,Shanghai, wow! its funny, I recently heard about a kniitng guild in Shanghai-
hope you have time to meet them.

the trouble with yarn in boxes (even clear boxes) is that we "forget" what's inside...

heidi said...

En sommartop med fair-isle. Det låter helläckert!!!

Håller med dig om lingarnet, lin blir bara bättre och bättre ju längre man använder det!

Garngamen said...

Great hint there Hpny!
I'll check them out! And I agree. Lists on the computer that you print and bring with you.