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Thursday, April 20, 2006

So, How do you buy your yarn?

I got to think about that at the latest knitting caf'e' and who are you?

  1. 1. I just go for colour - has to be exact - and then I think about what yarn it is and what to use it for
  2. Quality first, I check out the yarn, and then I try to find my favourite colour, then I try to figure out what to use it for
  3. 3. I see something in a magasin or what someone else have done, and think that I can do that in this yarn and colour instead
  4. A plan ahead, buy one ball or two, and swatch it first - It is so expensive so I must be certain
  5. I always know what I want to do, then I go for yarn hunting
  6. Hey, just fondle and caress the yarn, if the prize is right, I buy it.. Ohh, yeah I will figure something out...
  7. Magazines, that is the answer to my yarn buy
  8. Internet. Found Jeanettes yarn on ebay, and a lot of nice prices... But also, I can find yarn noone else has (those picures suck you in)
  9. A listen to my friends and see what they recommend
  10. I'm on the lookout for new yarn, I do not want to have yarn everyone else has.
  11. I just stroll, and listen to what the yarn-shop owner recommend.
  12. Choice? Why not buy it all! I'm too fat anyway..

So who are you? I think I go for all, THAT is the reason this blogs name is yarnvolture! Missing a category? Comments on my blog!


villaa ylle said...

One important criteria is missing from your list:
The yarn is discontinued and on sale. There must be some very primitive hunting instinct that makes me absolutey want that yarn. Probably the same instinct that makes you like sales, and makes collect all kind of strange things:) Monica

Garngamen said...

That is a good one! Ohhh the last yarn I bought I bought JUST because it is discontinuing....

HPNY Knits said...

because it is alpaca in natural colors (no dyes). I have a weakness for that, and I HAVE to buy one of each natural color.

HPNY Knits said...

great question by the way! I have to post it to my knitting group.