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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back in business?

There is nothing good about the new Blogger. Is this the end of an era? People do not get that most people are creature of habit and do not like the changes. Anyhow, This is my seedlings. Yes, we are busy in the garden! Mostly runner beans, but also some suger snaps, And in addition we are deweeding the garden, and the seedlings are already growing.... So great. Cherry blossoms and just wonderful time. And I am sneezing like never before. Cannot tell if it is the pollen or a cold.  Instead lets have a look at my two "just started". And how far I went on in ONE MONTH (ok not the only knit but anyhow - on the Petal Haze)

SAGA in Lopi (just casted on)

A yummy Top, of left over yarn.

Petal Haze - Kaffe Fasset. (as you notice- one colour bleeds, so I have to exchange it) but this is a start of a sleeve.

So Sorry for the weird view. Enjoy!