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Sunday, April 25, 2010

FO- Falling Tears finished.

Finished the Falling Tears socks - with the wonderful yarn I won (Zauberball). StickaMera Sockklubb - April.
Still have half a sleeve, since I got interrupted with moms urgent request from a "Ebba Stålhandske" -pattern called "Dragspelsmössa". I was really trying to find Kochoran nr 31 to finishe my long coat, but dearest Ann (Ann-Torp's Väv) in the Old town did have a lot of wonderful yarn, but not just that. Had a great stroll in the city - and got to see the horse Cavaleri (hmmm) have their change on the castle. And then paining kitchen. And pruning apple trees and enjoying the wonderful cookies of my aunt. Dear husband made a claim of the socks... so, they do have some ease.

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Lotta said...

Hej. Kul att du gillade mina "rävstrumpor". Dina aprilstrumpor går heller inte av för hackor. Verkligen fina. Zauberball är ett underbart garn.