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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Falling Tears on the needles

Not ready just yet, but I guess it was time to show you that there is lots of progress here in all aspects. I have knitted one sock of the "Falling tears" pattern, from StickaMera SockKlubb (you see the banner on the right). Progress is good since all knitted under transportation (mostly car, but also train) it is the time to get the boat ready for summer-time. I have also done almost one sleeve of the Hisdahl "Wedding cardigan", and yes, now half the kitchen is painted, but still many more layers to do. I also celebrated my "new job" - same company, with getting myself a present. The Solveig Hisdahl "Festjakke" from Hifa, in white and lilac. Beautful. Might move up the PIG's ladder. I am so exited. The pattern just went bust, and I hunted it down - I am so happy I got it. I have glaread at it for years. Our Japan travel will be rebooked, but neither hubby or I are sad about it. We still need to paint kitchen, prune 6 Apple-trees not to mention prune many many roses.... gardening is wonderful. and most of all we need to work more on the boat. Never have we been so happy to move a wonderful vacation. I guess it is the ashes, and my heart is with all in consequence. Well, better to be safe than sorry.

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