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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pink- October! Cancer awareness! FO- Baby kit for Ida!

Amazing how fast baby knits are. Celebrating my dear cousins baby - Ida Hermanna (oh yeah, a real knitting name - but she is from Gotland, so....) All design by me. Ida's mom wants pink, she begged for pink. And I also thought that pink is perfect - it is October - (breast)Cancer awareness month. So of course the little baby girl Ida should have it. Now - this little Malabrigo dress is very wide (for the dipers) and has adjustable straps (to grow in), and because I have no idea how small an infant is. But I thought this out. You turn it around, and you button it - and you adjust the little band around the waist, and you have some baby panties. I do not know if dresses just end up in the face ;-) So this second picture is the same thing, but buttoned differently. Of course you also need the cardi/jacket to wrap around. The one button have a strap that is long, so you can use it until the sleeves are too tight. To this Malabrigo (two colours of pink) ensemble, you also have socks. I almost "laughed" doing them. They were so tiny - but super elastic. Very easy home-made pattern, 2k, 2p and than every fourth row, you move the entire patter one stitch forward (and for other sock, backward), but still keeping 2k and 2p. And did not take long to do. So cute... Of course a baby needs both the helmet - a super fun and easy pattern (I think I blogged about it long time ago). I love it, and the two strings made a great swirl.... It poses on some ceramics and a flashlight, but boy is it tiny. Again, knitting back and forth - it is super elastic. Finally the last hat, is something warmer. It has a brim, but soft and cosy. I actually through it looks girly cool. Also some ease, but probably not as elastic... but hats are fast. Now I used up 2 Malabrigo hanks, and are jumping for the left-over from the helmet - Rowan Cotton-Milk (!) Im hoping it is enough for a tiny top to have under the dress. Well, my plan is to get this in the mail soon, but wipping that togheter was really fun. Took me the weekend, but wnen the mojo is there, and it is completed that fast, nothing stops you. Well, my cousin said - I am the only one she knows who knit, so I hope I will fill them with love. And the baby needs to be warm and protected. Malabrigo is super.

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