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Sunday, June 21, 2009

FO- Ice Cream Blouse Bunny Holders

Finished! Pattern: Citrus Top Yoke, yarn Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Colours chosen from Ice-cream memories.... Pistage, strawberry, Vanilla and dark Choclate (ok it black!) which were the only ice-cream flavours when I grew up. Making this was really a challenge. Not only can you see how I have added an extra layer both on the top and on the sides of the cup. It does sag in the back and the underbrim should have been a bit tighter under the bunnies to get a better "hold", but all in all - it is wearable in the secluded garden of my home ;-) And the sunshine is out, so why not get the white flesh some vitamine D. Im already thinking how to improve the back, and do some shorts... maybe put in a metal bar.. hmm. A fun and fast project. Ahh Summertime! Blouse Bunnies is of course said in Scrubs by the Doc... well, if you get it you get it.


heidi said...

fasiken så snygg den är!

och passformen kan ju göra vem som helst avundsjuk - för jag ser ju inte baksidan ;)

du får nog fixa till den där baksidan, för den är snygg nog att bäras offentligt!

Carrie K said...

That came out so cute! And it fits pretty good, considering that I'm sure most designers are not used to designing for women who have any bunnies to hold. ;)