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Sunday, May 03, 2009

FO-Possumsweater and Notodden - Norway

After 650 kilometers to Notodden, Norway - I had plenty of time finishing this. Ok, I admit. Reknitted front and collar twice, but pleased with the result. I could have had one more button to tuck up the bottom, but the Buttons are from La Drougerie, so I guess not. It is warm, and the sleeves fit perfectly - and compared to my bodyshape, it is not too bad - I mean stripes, what was I thinking? Im particularly pleased with the pockets with the buttons. Perfect for the asthma medicin in springtime. Yarn? Naturally Yarns brand Karema - which is merino and some Possum fur. Super warm and soft - meaning, not very good for steeks, so I have to cover the seems on the inside. Anyhow - Why Notodden? My brothers son, Martin had his "human confirmation". That is really the big manhood rite in Norway. The kid is 15, and already a smart one! What a family gathering. And at the cermony, we saw tons of "Bunad" which is the folk-costume here in Norway. And I must say- Telemark is very exiting place. Look at the belt from the yarn-shop owner - all done with "brick-weaving" (another secret hobby). The yarn-shop extra vaganza where I got tons of Norveigan patterns, what filled with goodies - and restrained myself to two thin alpakka in mixed colours (like this belt) from Du Store Alpakka and from Sandes, one odd lime Alfa (which I already have enough for a sweater - this was just a highlight). But I really played with Per Tyving, Rauma Finull in all and more colours...Drops, and sockyarn in all combinations and much much more interesting stuff- well displayed. I got three wonderful buttons, Large, square, and with filigran work...but she has all the tenn "hooks" (or whatever that is called) and buttons you can need. It was fab. And all the silver broches, you know the type in "Poetry of Stitches".. I guess I will make a long wishlist for next time Im there. I did have a long look at the Knit-pics sock-yarn kit. That looked wonderful. But I restrained myself... Now, enough.. Im tired.. it was such a great party and such a long drive home. Tomorrow - research paper and tax-declaration. So yarn hunt in Notodden - It is Alfhild Jörgensen! Ohh what a shop. To dream of. And I have the possum sweater on. Still. Like a glove, yummy soft. It is fun to finish! Also did one more ball on St Brigid on the way home. Great pattern!


Sue (in VA) said...

oh, the color combination is gorgeous!!!!! Just beautiful!!! The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival was held this weekend....we arrived at opening and left when they kicked us out! It was wonderful.....makes one wish for retirement and rainy days for knitting.

HPNY Knits said...

the sweater is a great success!!