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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh boy--- soon it is Nobel times....

This years nobel-prize goes to.....
.... My Husband. He wins
..the economic prize (thanks for keeping order of housebills!) the scientific prize (my own private wikiper and know-it-all, yes, he beats any gameshow always!) and also the Nobel prize house awards goes to him for most supporting and hugging loving person...., Best food, and Best Caffe Latte.
The Nobel prize for BEST YARN I award right now (very biased and just right now) to Plötulopi. I must admit, when it is cold here it is COLD, and sitting and hacking makes me even colder. So, there was no excuse to start widing plötulopi and dig in. So - I have faith - I have already knitted one cardigan "almost"...but still need one more cake to finish (and yeah, the steek....!(I need a new sewing-machine dear Santa!) But, Im still having a lot of Plötulopi, so now Im on the second sweater (not cardi, Im cold! Need it NOW! One sleeve done, reaching waist any minute now...). I also have started to think about Christmas presents. My Nobel-prize winner (see above winner) is content with everything. OK Slippers... but then? And the big stuff - a new kitchen, is not too easy to fix. And it is time to start and think of my dear brother, he has is big 50s birthday here in January... but he would not like Plötulopi, since "not scratcy" is his device... But Lopi sweaters, they are sure warm! And so fun to make. Love the yoke. No not the joke ;-) The Yoke... Cannot wait to get there! Brrr, Cold, need to knit fast!


HPNY Knits said...

wonderful set for your great guy!
keep warm!

Mary, Mary... said...

Looks great!

BertandFelix said...

LOVE the sweater...the whole look!

I was just going through my stash and have tons of the unspun icelandic. Need to start making some Lopi sweaters too. They are sooo beautiful.

Great job!