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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last report from North America and FO: Seattle Noro Sweater

Mt St Helena without its top. I was actually in US as an exchange studen when this happened. Big drama. I even have a little bag of dust from it, that a friend brought me. Cool to see for real. Well, US is really floating into the background now, when the handimen (polish) are making a bathroom outof nothing. It sure sounds like a Vulcano eruption.... and also a lot of dust... But great guys. Silent, hard-working and smelling good. A handiman that smells good is a good omen. I do not want to start my bathroom with B.O. of someone! Sorry.... Seinfelt on telly.... hmm... Anyhow, I sort of realized why no one is anywhere in Sweden is because of the Olympics.... I have totally missed that notion, and yet I hold a Goldmedal from my winter olympics, when I knitted a coat. Well, Im just struggling with my sock KAL in slow motion. Actually I finished a pair of socks today (but I keep them for tomorrow!). Too be really cool, this picture is taken in Olympia (haha....) - the name of the pennisula and national forest not far from Seattle. Ok, it is "near"... since we are rummaging the beach. It is so amazing. So much great beach and so cold water. Poor west coast of US. But the sun is great. And as you can see everything is BIG in the US. Every tree, every beach, every meal. So it is not the most flattering posing in my fishished sweater I do.... I knitted it on the vacation. It was really fun. The Seattle Noro Sweater - or is it Noro Seattle Sweater? Of course an invented desigh. Yarn bought at Knittery (on SALE!) and finished during the vacation, and shown next to the hotel pool. It is actually some wool, and it is very warm, even if most is cotton. I was worried about the neck, but that really worked out. I have enough to make a headband and maybe a net-bag as well... we see. Ipod cosy? Hmmm.... At least I got some knitting done... And a whole lot of yarn. and some really great memories. I love the walks in the forest...Sorry for ranting... I should bring you the picture of the sushi-pigout before we went. Also Seattle had some great dim-sum, but no real Curry Laksa. We guess no malaysian lives in Seattle (and drives a resturant...). Happy enough we got that confirmed on google, the new travel companion ;-) Well, we are happily home as you guessed. Im back knitting socks and sweaters. Soon back to work. Hope you enjoyed the trip..... I think the yarn will fill the year in many ways.


hannah said...

I loved reading your pieces about your trip to America! Not boring at all but funny. The tree on the picture is hugh! Also the other pictures are great.

The sweater looks beautiful.

Mia said...

Tack för din rapport om garnshoppingen i "min" det av USA. (Jag har också varit utbytesstudent, i Seattle.) Hoppas kunna åka dit nästa år om jag blir lite rik, och då ska jag läsa dina inlägg igen.

Sue said...

I am so jealous.....you knit an entire sweater and i can't even finish a pair of socks!!! and i have never even tried a sweater yet!!! it is beautiful!