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Friday, July 27, 2007

A day of sorrow, joy and choclate cupcakes!

Slept in too late. Woke up and realized it is my lovelys brithday. He was already up! Skipping breakfast, dressed in black and even put my computer in a black bag - after all, it was funeral. Since it is in V-ås and I study there, I thought I would squeeze in some supervision on my research before. Ok, just check computer (mail) on where. Computer broke down. Panic. Late to train. Hubby drives panicing me to station. Half way, I realized 1. I forgot my phone (how can I call for directions?) 2. I forgot my watch, 3. I forgot my ipod and 4. I forgot my knitting. Drove back (since good girl checked train yesterday, it leaves every hour). Ok, packed and breakfast this time, I had time to work up anger towards my blogging computer. Yeah yeah I know I should know better to take back-up (Please Zoe, resend your info to me - I can pick it of the server on another computer). And all lost mail and phonenr. Time to reconnect with me ;-) Anyhow, Hubby dopped me of enough to grab a Latte and, how weird it did not say V-ås on screen. Ask in info, no train until 2. Meet with supervisor 13.30. Funeral STARTS 15. And train arrives 5 past. No way. Calls hubby. He does not have the phone on. Panics. Calls friend. Asks for a ride. Cries for funeral... It rains. My tears are raining. It is said. 52 years old. What a loss. Well, he lived all the time. And would not stop smoking. He was a great musician and a great geologistand unbeatable in TP (Trivial Pursuit) if you do not remember... among other things. It is so sad. But home now with hubby. He has attempted to fix computer. What a sweethart. He also found the camera. It was of course deep in the knitting-backpack desperately filled with too much yarn for sailing. Im reknitting the collar on the cosy sweater. Great advise, thanks. Pictures back tomorrow. With puffy eyes I at least have now baked him choclate cupcakes with nuts and 85%Lindt. They are yummy. Easy to do: 125 g choclate and 125 g butter melted on stove. Take of to cool. Beat 2 eggs with 2 dl sugar add 1.5 dl flour and 1 tbs vanillasugar, some dashes of salt. And at least 1 dl chopped almonds (big chunks). I also added a tbs of conjac (goes well with choclate). blend and then add choclatebutter mix. in "muffins/cubcake forms - (smaller) and in oven 200 degrees in lower half 16 minutes. Done. Add a bit whipped cream some berries on top and your husbands favourite ice-cream (pistage). Thank you all for your KIND comments. they mean so much to me. I virtual cupcake for you!


Susan said...

The cupcakes sound scrumptious! Thank you so much for the recipe!

BertandFelix said...

Just bought cupcakes on the way home tonight. Yummy.

Hey, I thought you weren't supposed to get out of bed on your birthday before everyone else? I thought you were supposed to get cake in bed? That is one of the things I loved about Sweden.

Oh, I am so excited about the Bohus KAL...and the wild apple!!

Zoe said...

Sorry, Sigrid - only just read this post. We have had SUNSHINE and NO RAIN for a few days so had to make the most of it. I will re-send the info. Sorry also to hear about the funeral. I love the scarf on the next post. Happy Birthday.