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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rainbow and other gossip

Yesterday I came home after hefty rain- showers, and magically it cleared up with strong evening sunshine. It was two ( fantastic double rainbows, but those few seconds - going inside to grab camera - they faded , so only one over the neighbourgs house was captured. Moral - just enjoy the moments - they are so short and pass by so fast. Im still struggling with what to knit. A great knit leaves a big hole. I realize that all my knits are in very complicated states - and not using patterns is asking for it. I simply have not stamina to work it through. So Im rummaging the yarnroom! Checking all your blogs, walking through every pattern at Knitty, and I must say WOW, Im so impressed - the needles are on fire out there. Complicated socks, fair-isle, lace - so much lace. I just looked at the latest Vouge - and it is all white! And then all yarn has- mixed and blended colours. Where are the great patterns for all those mixed coloured yarn? That is not so easy. Maybe it is just going easy - non-complicating "self" patterned by colour. So, I have silk, 3-4 mm in blend colours.... I just have not MATURED into anything special. I need some focus, decisions. Do it. Maybe because Im stuck in solving Enterlac-tricks, and free form solutions.... I would just love doing ISLAND- LOPI Circular quick knit.Yeah, right. I need a spring sweater. Maybe lace - no something to cover up the flesh! This is a scream for help Send the rainbow! Maybe a rainbow sweater. Or go for another Tudor Rose - that was rewarding. M-I-L is coming - She will get me going for sure! Maybe a silk-alpacka? In pink?


villaa ylle said...

Lace in pink alpaca-silk sounds romatic:) How about combining the selfpatterned yarns with a solid one and some up with some of patter? Squares, circles or something else?
Tomorrow our sailingboat will hit the water.

gail said...

Oh, I have lots of projects for you to knit for me!!! do you like lace shawls?

Mary, Mary... said...

Sigrid--I'm finally catching up on blogs. I'm here in Austin until June 3rd and then we're off to Italy & France. Let me know your dates/cities as soon as you get them!