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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Presistence! 4 Times Frogged!

What IS this? Apple Blooms! And the purple Jaeger Matchmaker Merino... For my second Enterlac (who is really the first). It is just never finished, since it had uneven number of squares, so this one sleeve is just not working out. The result. I have reknitted it four (4)! times. No kidding. No wonder I stress out. First time it left a gap above the shoulder - that was just too big to be nice, The second - same thing. The third seems to work fine until I realized I closed the hole for the sleeve completely. Then it have rested for two winters- and I have done the turqoise inbeetween - much easier to have even number of squares (on back and front ;-) Anyhow, this last time - brave after finishing turqoise enterlac, I have been knitting away - and it came together. But, I started to run out of blue yarn..Weird. So I lay the work down, and I have done a cone, the WRONG way. Back to ripping again. And then I returned to the last possible solution. Knitting the sleeve from the bottom, and HOPING I will be able to solve when I get up there. It is a math- grafical problem. And it is NOT going to fit. But hey, I love challenges. So.. this is what I have been doing - watching American Idol (I just cannot stand Musikfestivalen -the European song festival)... I of course know the top three in US are Melinda, Blake and 17 year old...(hey it is available on the web!), and even if she isn't the greatest, Gina is really great. Evanesence cought me back early. I know Lakisha was voted off in US but I sure hope someone give her a FAT contract - she sings great. She deserves it. Melinda is in a class of her own - but she need to stop shrugging - she looks like she has no neck. Also a master of voice. But lately Blake has grown. I just love his beetboxing. What a showman. A bit young but sexyhot. Anyhow, Sweden showed "British Invasion" and I must say my favourite song was chubby curlyheads (Chris) song - "She not there" by the Zombies- but hubby claims it was the song, not the vocal was great. But that Stephanie is voted out? She needs help - I really liked her (more than her song). So the top 10 tour? That is interesting. I would luve that. And Sanyayas little fan in the audience. That was sooo cute. Ah, I know, all Americans have forgotten, and all Swedes watches "musikfestivalen". Sorry for being off-beat. Anyhow - thanks for all comments, I have like lace and Im ok with shawls, but I really luve sweaters. AND NOW my Knitting block is gone. The cure was going at my cicular cardi last sleeve (Twisted KAL) in my yarnroom. Sitting there and knitting, and watching all great yarn I have collected makes me itchy again to go at it. Designed a great kid-silk mohair sweater in my head (that colinette TAO) - and realized that Im going to use Solveigs 2 hanks of silk to blend with white baby alpacka and not with the yarn on the left (original plan!). That will be a great top. Sorry Mary, I postponed US and Canada for now. Im just in such a mess with my research and arranging a conference (and participating in several) that I cannot cope. I also got invited to India NOW! when it is 50 C HOT or monsun-rains will start any minute. Here in Sweden it is SO beautiful. Blooming! And I feel so good. Busy, but good.


HPNY Knits said...

great lovely things growing in the garden! yarn blooms :-)spring brings lots of ideas- but in practice- not so much. I have had to abandon some ideas, but keep trying.

Zoe said...

The photos of the wool with the blossoms are very inspirational.

gail said...

I love your photos of yarn with the blossoms. Very creative. I also like the entrelac with two colors. Normally I don't like entrelac very much (I'm not sure why) but the two colors of blue make me re-think my position on entrelac. Going to India sounds very, very interesting, however very, very hot. My husband, who is a meteorologist, spent a lot of time in India studying the development of the monsoons. This was before I met him. He grew up in Washington, D.C. which is hot and humid in the summer, but he says India is worse. Urgh. I hope the trip is profitable and that you survive the heat.

Maggan said...

Himmel vilka läckra bilder!! Med garnet som matchar blommor och blad ;)