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Friday, March 02, 2007

Missing yarnfestivities, but hey, Im not bored!

Do I look like I need to go to a yarn festival? (Syfestivalen, nu på Sollentunamässan 3-5mars). THis was my findings after Warp and Wäft, and I have been shopping yarn since then. But I miss the Sticka yearly meeting. Im still fighting that bad cold, but otherwise Im fine. It was worrying that the lungs could fill up so quickly, but now Im just the normal miserable me ;-) Anyhow, that has not stopped me for giving 10 hours in front of the computer every day (I just HAD to submit my research paper!!) And I succeeded, much thanks to my great supervisors. So today friday, I have done minimum of work, checking mail and actually taking it easy, which means I have sawn togheter the Queen! It is now a vest, and I of course tried it on, and - TADA; IT IS PERFECT. SO, conclusion is - Im huge ;-) Actually Gail, do not worry, I think that not all Alice S. patterns are oversize, this one is, you can see a Large is 120cm! and It actually fits perfectly on me. So I started to knit the neckband, and it is a lot of "make knots", and now Im heading into the pattern (!) for the neck. I must say this pattern is one of the most rewarding I have knitted (next to bohus which forever has my heart!). The finish neck is really something else. I cannot WAIT to show it off. Unfortunately, there are still two sleeves (44cm!) to do. and that will probably take all March!. Then I promise I will do many sweater quick-knits, and finish a lot of UFO's. The painting by my brother (last posting) is Oil, He does mostly Oil hardly any acrylics (especially since he got an allergy from it I think).
Anyhow, do not worry about me. My spirits are great. My hubby grows a beard. I have tulips on the table in front of me, and the yarn-room is packed with interesting projects. Actually I have sneakily started (I know I shouldn't) a new big alpacka/silk mix you know, Catalina yarns? Debbie Bliss think aran? I think that will look great. Im doing it so plain. It is my "go to bed" knit. A few rows just before bed. Weird habits? Yepp! Now I must get back to pattern D, the neck... I just looks fantastic. Can you really wait for the finish product? you do you want a sneak peak? No, you just look at great yarn, and wish you were healthy enough to join Stickas yearly meet, and buy more yarn at the festival. Sigh! My thoughts are with you friends out there! Gotta Knit know, Ahh dear queen here I come!


Mary, Mary... said...

You have got to be the happiest sick person I know--and I mean that in a good way.;) Can't wait to see the Queen in her Queen!

Brigidhj said...

I'm glad you're making a good recovery. Catherine Parr looks intriguing - I'm looking forward to seeing her finished.

villaa ylle said...

Härligt att höra dig så "uppåt" trots allt. Klart att Drottningen blir perfekt. Snälla, ta en bild på henne:) Det är ljust på dagarna nu.