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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Caps - Mössor and more ramblings

OK, First I swear to not do any simple knitting. I desperately needed some time off my Queen knit- and I guess the Sweater A Month KAL already will throw me off (but hey, I will knit at least 12- maybe 14 sweaters this year! I is just, the Queen is such a delicious complicated knit. I promise you, I will make it up. Im not striktly one a month.) And now, I have just parted for front and back in the circular, so it is still hope. And determination. Anyhow, It was a cold couple of days, and my sweater needed this matching cap. Unfortunately, I have weared my hubbies patience to the brim, so he will not take more photos. Most are dark like the coal in the oven behind. Anyhow. This actually took me all last weekend, and some days. Maybe because I was trying to be smart about it. Then I bought more yarn (are you even surprised). More Malabrigo. I cannot get enough of that stuff. My new cosy love. Anyhow, I also bought alpacka-silk (thanks Mary) for the the blindfold to put over the cap. Anyhow, I of course immediately decided that the great advice on quick-knitted night-cap was great (thanks Hila). You see that It has become urgent - draft problem in bedroom, that and a few days off the queen and I yearn for her company again. So this morning (!) I knitted a nigh-cap for my hubby. Definitely a 2 hour knit! He refused to be in picture (but I will get him in his sleep some time ;-) so you have it with me (and the sweater to match the other cap). Sorry, should have been more arranged. Sorry for looking like a maniac. I have just realized I have bulldog cheeks. Wow, It is so not me. But I guess hours tied to the computers does its job. I would definitely get a private trainer and do Pilates if I lived in NY! Guess who? ;-) Anyhow, it seems like it is paying off, I have had a great break-through in my research this week - and even if I KNOW it is not true, some of my research-pal's called it "seminal work". That is the FIRST person with an idea, that everyone will be referring to the next 10-20 years in research. I wish. I sure made me feel good. Did you fix the pairing? Bottom picture sweater and top picture cap? Actually I have reknitted the collar on this sweater. Ripped, and did it narrower and dou ble. You can compare with the old photo. But I forgot that this yarn looses its elastisity. It is just to short, soft. Hmm what is the opposite to elastic? Im thinking swedish for "stumt". Anyhow. You must pick up the latest VK. Beth did a great article about Sweden (and scandinavian knitting). What I do not get is 1) I love Wincent, but this is so English - why visit it in SWEDEN? Why not visit a SWEDISH yarn shop with SWEDISH yarn? Instead the two were Wincent and Cornelia Tutte's stuff. She has Japanese (Noro) and Colinette. I sure hope they went to Ann-Torps väv in the Old town. She carries some swedish yarn. Or Maria's or Garnverket... Well. Sigh. Also, noticed that Beth missed that Cornelias hometown Mariefred is actually SOUTH of Stockholm. What surprised me is that the picture had so dark colours. That is NOT typical Swedish. Anyhow, great to be on the knitting map. Sweden have a lot of fantastic knitting designers. Anyhow. I was visiting Wincent (since I realized I have not been there for some weeks) and boy is Nicole the sweetest person there is. I just adore her. We just chatted away, until they had to drag me out when they closed. She was surprised I wasn't at Maria G's 1 year yarnshop celebration. I had forgot. So I immediately took the sub across town to give Maria a big hug. Great - Some dear Knitting-friends was knitting away in the corner. And a lot of new yarn to squeeze. As always. I just HAD to keep control. It worked. Im so glad for her! That is just such a yummy shop. With a lot of quality handpainted yarn. Anyhow, I must do another bohus. Hubby walkes around in this and claims it is GREAT! Skogsmörkret is really a hit. Cuddle.. Cuddle.


Mary, Mary said...

I love your hats, especially that shade of green. The lattice work is simply stunning. I'll dig up my VK (wasn't wild about the patterns this time) and read up on Sweden. But why, when I have you?!!! Congrats on the research--you have put a lot of time/travel/hard work into it.

HPNY Knits said...

great hats! they are fun to make and give an opportunity to try stitches you like. some knitting is so consuming it is a must to refresh with simpler knits. I love the greens! his sweater is amazing!
big hooray for your research achievement!!

mary said...

I just got the new VK but haven't read it yet. I know what I will be doing tonight!

villaa ylle said...

Super med dina forskningsresultat:)
Mitt Skogsmörker vilar sig och funderar på om hon blir för stor. Vi får se vad hon kommer till.

Strumpstickan said...

Den gröna tröjan är gudomlig!

Christina Oscarsson said...

Den gröna tröjan är bara såååå snygg, fin, läcker!
christina på mon