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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Talking in a nightcap - tala i nattmössan!

Ok, I guess I have bored my readers with endless shelfs of Yarn. Of course, I will not go through all my boxes (and I tell you, they are still more than a big number). I guess I go back to this, very slowly exposing a little pack of goodies. Anyhow, the title, comes from a wish. My husband wants a night-cap. Due to my bad Asthma I like to have it cold and fresh air in the room when I sleep, but I agree. It is a bit drafty. So, how do a great nightcap look like? A beanie? Snug, but going down on the neck a bit. Cannot be around the neck though. And I think a pair of nigh googles soft, to put over the eyes, when I come in late and must turn the light on, My lovely will not be disturbed. Yarn? Cannot be angora, to fuzzy. Designing a nightcap? Cute, Ewok? Or Pirate? No, I think any nerd stuff would do. Like a fractal - after all, he is my great brain! Must take care of it. What have I been up to? Had a break from the queen. I have reknitted an old collar I was unhappy with (panic - it got cold and I needed a good sweater!) And, I desperately need a cap to go with it, since no other match it. I feel so busy, so much to do, that knitting (and life) is second place. I really need to ease up. At least, I will be in hotel and many hours to work on the queen tomorrow, she is good company when you are lonely and tired after a long day in a hotel room. At least we got to go swimming today. It was great. Mum, if you read this. Take care! I do think of you!


HPNY Knits said...

OMG- more and more yarn. at least if you have no heat you can pile the yarn on top of yourselves...
for a little fast warm hat I'd go with alpaca- soft and warm. like I made for my dad:

here is one person's solution:

HPNY Knits said...

sorry- for my dad:

Mary, Mary said...

In English it would be a 'stocking cap' and the name always reminds me of Dickens. I vote for an alpaca/silk blend--think of it as a duvet for the head--good for all seasons!

gail said...

All of your yarn is wonderful! What fun you will have knitting it and selecting good yarn for good patterns! A night cap will be just the thing to stay warm. But how will you keep it on the head??