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Saturday, January 06, 2007

On top of second "luxury" shelf in yarnroom.

Here is the start of the second shelf. On top a number of boxes, with some of my most dear yarn. I bet you are curious of what the boxes contain?
Anyhnow, top is my Islandic yarn from Halla. A great dear friend who has a special place in my heart. She has a small yarnshop at home just north of Stockholm. But I think what I really like is that I special ordered islandic fleece from her, and her mother carried this 2 kilo of fleece on their vacation around Europe before coming to Sweden. I luv her mum to, but I have never met her. I definitely have planned a yarn trip to Island (with the Blue Lagoon) in the next couple of years. Including one day at the Factory outlet of ISTEX. So, there is this "carded, cut yarn that you wire three of these disk's of pre-yarn" together in a ball. Then you knit this great Islandic sweaters. Im planning a cardigan from Sticka, and at least two more warm sweaters out of the top shelf, and If I ran out, I now where to find it. The green in the middle is the left-overs from my hubby's islandic sweater. Remember?
Well hidden and in packages, I reveal the three white boxes here. All from sale at Liberty wearhouse in London, where a knittinggroup meets on thursdays in the Cafe (this bought on a winter sale!!)The two left is Cashmere, and the one on the right is silk. The two on the left have an individual plastic box package for each ball. That is a wow factor. Colours are Teal and Royal. The silk on the right is of that fantastic colour GOLD: It is really gold. Im actually thinking about combining the three into one sweater. Reason is simple. Even if it is 10 balls of 25 gram, 250 gram is like a very small top. I think next pic is really fuzzy. Must be the lack of caffe latte. As you can see, it is a "luxury lime" silk yarn from Filatura di Crosa).
As you guessed, this is also too little to make a sweater, but a top? or maybe mixed with Kid-silk haze to become a sweater? Up some size? I think it would look great in cables. So, this is maturing. It is well packed anyhow. This last picture for today is my Angora collection. Definitely hording here. Most of it is 100% angora. The light turqoise were bought in Denmark, but was bleached from the sun, so I got some extra yarn instead. Reds and some from Valencia. And Angora is just great (but not for babies) since the fiber really sticks in your nose and is great. I think I learned that if you use it as a highlight, the angora will "be eaten up" by the other yarn. So have soft companians. But would work in a Bohus collar! So that is the plan! My own self-made Bohus inspiration.
Thanks for the very nice comments.I have become "inlove" with Queen Catherine. Time-consuming, But fab. Take care out there fantastic people!


HPNY Knits said...

talk about prize possessions!!

Annelie said...

Very impressing collection! Hell thi yarn godess :)