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Monday, January 01, 2007

New year, new hope, Hello 2007!

Lets make this new year the best ever. Reach out and touch (a friend, a new yarn, a new needlesize) - or just cuddle with what you have. That is not such a bad idea either. I got a 4Gb Ipod from Santa Husband. He have spent all weekend filling it up with all my favourite CDs. What relaxing weekend. I have done nothing but knitted on Catherine Parr - and eaten too much food. Thank you all for a great and wonderful year and all your nice and encouraging comments from around the world. Now work begins again, and I wonder what will be done with my academic and professional ambitions. I watched a program about being happy. And some of the trick was, be social, laugh with someone, do not worry, be positive and stay in the present. So, lets make this a happy year. Many meetings around the world. One of the highlights was watching Wallace and Gromit and the stolen sheep. That was just great. All woolshops and those furry ones we love. I lauged alot. What a treat! Keep knitting warmth stich by stich! See the creativity grow and enjoy the patterns and colour. And, a correction: I missed of course the summerfugeln shetland yarn in the bottom right of this picture. Of course, it is was not obvious when I told the story the other day, but the label reveals them. Any how, I will continue with some stash pictures. Soon ready for a heavy yarn moment. Love and hope.

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