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Friday, October 20, 2006

More London....Part 3

So, Check out Mary, Mary quite contrary, my Texas friend. Wow, She is really a good photographer too, and really as fiber-crazy as I'm. I sure missed that Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop.. How is that possible? but, I agree, Yeah, we three (including HPNYKnits ) had really good times. Next time I make sure I'm not exhausted when I go, and make a real trip out of it. It was so nice. This picture says it? Ok, I admit, I have not even STARTED to take pictures of my own yarn. This is just going nuts at the Knitting and Stiching meet. And I asked the owner if it was ok. So, this first is handpainted silk from Get Knittined.
I have had one day in Linköping, one in Kista, and 3 in Budapest (Hungary). Finally back home. It was all work, but a really good time. Especially finding the choclate shop open 9.30 in the evening just around the corner from the hotel (I mean it - it was Fine choclates from all over the world). Listening to Hungarian folkmusik during dinner and meeting new and interesting workpeople. Unfortunately no time for yarn. And I had taken the wrong Rowan-book, so I had no Sleeve-pattern, so not much knitting.
But, I'm not going to complain. Look at this Jamieson (from Shetland) that also were in London. WHat colours. I bought books, and just had to take some pictures of their fantastic yarn - and get a full sample-card. What do you think? Gahh, druel, gahh.. more.... Even more.. But, they had only brought packs. I think if they have had one sack of each colour, it would have been sold! Bad planning. But next year, I will pre-order ;-) No, that was just it. I promised to fix up my yarn room. Displaying all I got will be the best prevention. But just look at it.


Brigid said...

The company at Ally Pally was Jamieson's, not to be confused with Jamieson & Smith, which is the one you linked to! Confusing, no? Both are Shetland firms, with quite similar products. I was disappointed not to be able to buy skeins from the show, but J&S are going to send me some.

HPNY Knits said...

not having a "yarn room" (ah-mm...Sweden and Texas...) I was creating a yarn mess in my room. tonight I tackled it with winding all the skeins and storing in bags I got. still- where to put them?

Strumpstickan said...

Colour and yarn is food for the soul:)