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Sunday, October 15, 2006

More London yarn craze Part 2

It is breast cancer awareness month. Did you examine yourself lately? This is why half the audience had little pink bands, and why I am going to knit a pink scarf (well, donate!) Well, my story from the Knitting and Stiching show goes on. This work of art (to the left) is done by a young vibrant girl that I met at Liberty (her work at the show). Sorry, remind me of her name please? Every thursday evening a cool group of knitters meet for High tea (and I tell you it was GOOD! Tudor tea (got some champange too) at Liberty for a stich and bitch. The peole I met (which I have figured out - i.e. kindly left a comment on my blog) is Bridgid, and of course I Knit London, also Mary , who is a blogfriend of HPNYKnits, the latter which I was tagging along (like a band-aid ;-). Ahh, the Ally Pally. I leave you with a great druel pictures from the "Get Knitted stand". I bought the Nova Scotia Lace 100% Silk (2 skeins x100g (600m) for 19 99 pounds (yep - so expensive you choke). But, hey you are only there once. But I have to get to Canada. I just love this sea colours, when I get to the pictures of what I bought (none of these are) you will smile.... But this week Im going to Budapest (and Linköping), so no time to blog until next weekend. But, You are not eager are you? You cannot just blog, you gotta knit to!
These last picture is really showing the sea-silk (made of some sea-weed), but somehow the real silk had sharper colours. Below (sorry if I offended some artist rights) I snapped a shot of some of the art-work. I will post some more. I think exposure is important. This is a way to say how much I apprechiate them. Just wish I know names enough (how hectic could it be to jot down a name?) Very, if you are only a few hours visiting one of the greatest yarn-display. So, keep them comments going. They make me so happy. It is great to have visitors. But, rambling on about yarn is really ongoing. I think colour is really an area that is just great. Sparks me. I have all my different hanks laying around everywhere. Just to touch. Silk. Ahhh.
Hanging in a hand... scary and true..Well, I got to get ready for work tomorrow. Train EARLY. Tuula, I do not post my email here, but firstname.lastnameATbredband.net will do the trick ;-) or post your own? Sounds like have progressed in your hand-dying a great deal. Very impressed. Take care! and YES, I really would like to meet you again.


gail said...

Sounds like a great event, even if I don't think I would ever knit the artwork!!

Gita said...

Så mycket vackra garner! Jag bara gapar.

Mary, Mary... said...

I wish we could meet at Liberty this week and I'd show you all my new yarn! I'm so glad you took tons of pics--my camera's battery died on me. I think the best of all was meeting up with you and HPNY--God only knows what would happen if we all lived in the same city! Yarnpix will be on my blog later this week--I'll try to make your fingers twitch with desire.;)

HPNY Knits said...

hey there,
great pictures! yes, anybody for Liberty Thursday night...?
I am still out of it to blog, just today I unpacked. yarn first of-course...
so many plans and ideas- need more vacations!
have a good trip.

HPNY Knits said...

have you been here?
http://www.waldemarsudde.se/ to see Kaffe Fassett?

Mary, Mary... said...

Come check out my blog for London yarn pics! The wensleydale aran is a beautiful deep deep teal/prussian blue--swoon.