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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Soon Gotland, just Gröna Lund before

Take it easy! I'm booked. I will take the plane there Thursday morning.
And with some luck, I get into Visby on time to grab the Bus (hmm. If anyone is passing, I would not mind sharing a ride ;-) And then boat was really packed and I will be going 0030! Wow. I'm glad It is a knitting event. I can knit all through the nite. And I'm terrified of boats. So, My wonderful brothers young son (12) visits me, and After one day of work I'm home watching Lier, Lier, and Jim Carry is funny. Tonite is Gröna Lund - with a armband. So we will go like crazy. And try to save something to my poor research brain.


heidi said...

Det är nästan så att jag blir frestad av att gå upp några kilon till:-) Nu har jag läst flera bloggar som tar upp stickstämman på Gotland. Jag hoppas att du och alla ni andra får det riktigt bra, och att du skriver en omfattande rapport med mycket bilder när du kommer tillbaka!

Garngamen said...

Hihi! All excuses are good excuses to buy yarn. Of course we take a lot of pictures. I realize I'm not going there to LEARN so much, but to meet other yarn and knitting fanatics, and get inspired. It is a lot of yarn one can buy for the money. But I love Gotland.