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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Off to Gotland. Knitting symposium

I cannot pack. Should one bring all knitted item (they sure did to Estonia- show off!), or should one pack lightely (these two requirements do not mix for me!) Should I bring one ball of yarn, my current knitting, or just samples (that was a heavy bag!) not fitting in the suitcase!
Im carrying it (probaly dragging in rain, on a gravel road) to the Hemse folkhögskola (nowhere does it say if it is far from the town?) Info? Ha. Go with the flow. Should I pack in a BIG suitcase with lots of empty space (I now I will be tempted) or fill it up (so, do you not think I have ENOUGH yarn?) Can one ever get enough? All this hanks that should be winded. It is too late. I'm stuck. I think it is the time to say. Big bag hope for faith that all distances are short (I hate to drag bags!) Are there any Taxi's on this Island? I do have relatives, but they are not contacted, probably on vacation. Is it really going to rain? Ahh, plane leaves in less than 7 hours. I need to sleep (at least 4 hours). Have I packed camera? Not yet? Great backpack, or shoulder bag with sheep. Needles. Spindle. I should only bring one ball of yarn? And I have planned something for this weird knitting technique. I'm already missing my husband. And he is asleep. He is just great. Will drive me tomorrow. I so much hope for good meetings with other knitters. That will be fun. I think I lost the little of what is left of my brain (vacation clean out) in this Ride at Gröna Lund. But me and hubby did a great job. We succeeded to exhaust a 11 year old kid. We took turns in rollercosters (so I did about 15 or something).
Kid slept like a log, and now back with his mom. Ohh, Im so good avoiding those hard decisions. I need a bigger bag than a drag on. My first knitting event I bought 11 KG of yarn (take that times 2.2 and you get a lot of pounds!) I will not buy more that an easy carry. Some hanks. Some fleece. That must be it (Ohh. Solsilke is going to tempt me. I know!)


HPNY Knits said...

i hope you took "just right"
Have fun!

Zoe said...

Hi Sigrid

Hope you have a great time. Wow what a lot of wool!
Just to update you, I have received the lovely mittens Beibritt and am really pleased with them. I posted an entry today about them. I hope it does the knitting justice.

Thanks for your help with the purchase.

Best Wishes Zoe