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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yarnvacation (or family visit) Part I (IV)

Weatherpredictions are seldom right in Sweden. We are sending a new satellite to improve it. So, instead of sailing, we decided to do the long visit up north in Sweden. Our first stop went to Dalarna, and Rälta, where I have my mom. And, that is really a center for a lot of things, of course one of Swedens more interesting spinneries (and a true origin of the keeping of Swedish fur sheep, which were about to go extinct) Wåhlstedts Ullspinneri. The spinnery and the wool are just fab, but somehow I feel that the colours are just not my tick. But, that has never stopped me. I bought yarn (think one-thread) with a Z-spun, and a more hard two-threaded Z-twined (s-spun), in green. But, instead I find this. And I do NOT complain about the variety of colours here. They have coloured (of course using Margrét Kållberg Färgkrafts colours, the fleece. So I grabbed a Kilo (350 SEK) not cheap, but it is a bit a work to do it. But ohh! what a feast for the eyes. Of course I grabbed the whole palett, no thought of making something. Well, I thought of finding some white yarn and make it spiffy, you know, this carding magic. Diluting those small handfulls you grab. Ahh, I wish it looked like this in my cellar.


Boel said...

Vi måste ha varit på Wåhlstedts nästan samtidigt =). Dina bilder ser ut ungefär som mina, men jag har inte hunnit blogga om det än. För mig var det första besöket trots många vistelser i Dalarna och jag är helt såld. Vilka garner, vilken miljö och så trevlig "personal".

Garngamen said...

Kan bara hålla med! De är ursympatiska. Jo, i fredags! Himla trevliga. Sympatico! Kul! Vad har du för blogg så skall jag också kika!