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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm too lazy - Vacation Yarn!

So, this was the fantastic yarn from Färgkraft I was talking about. Handcoloured, Name GRANIT handsorted swedish soft pelsblend (both Gutesheep) and Swedish sheep (special breed for softness). The new colour is called Granit. I managed to convince Margrét to make it on two stranded. It is easier /better to knit. Isn't it just FAB yarn. After a lazy day we decided that sailing seems to be the Number 1 option. No regatta (sorry Ulla - too far to sail). But lazy days. This means A lot of knitting!, but already summerplans are changing. No Two-end knitting visit and saying hello to Anne-Maj.
But to be honest, it is nice to say hello to my hubby. Lets think about the yarn. Doesn't this look like fall colours? They are great. I'm so in love with them, so yummy. Very inspirational to make something, but here is where I need help. It is one Kilo. Enough to make some lenght. Cabels? Open front? Hood? Hmm... This yarn needs to MATURE!


villaa ylle said...

Grattis till jobbet!
Garnet ser fantastiskt ut. Hur skulle det bli med någon typ av "corrugated rib" som i Rosedale i Knitty"
Kanske tröja utan några krumelurer med en halsduk med rib? Ha en riktigt skön semester:) Monica

Garngamen said...

Taqck Monica!
OCh tack för dina kommentarer om cirkeltröjan. Jo, Rosdale är ju möjligt. Corrugated rib var ju faktiskt en bra ide. Men utan krumelurer... hmmm... Du kanske har rätt, men just nu så känns det inte som en utmanning. Ha en skön semester själv. (Regnar idag!)

Fríða said...

åååhh,det var något av det vackraste garn jag sett på länge!
hälsningar från Island

heidi said...

Garnet är jättevackert!

Stitchy Fingers said...

I'm just visiting for the first time. I had to laugh when I read that your yarn needs to 'mature'. I have a lot of yarn that has been maturing for a long, long time. Fortunately it doesn't get overripe! At least I hope not.