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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Twisted Float Shrug - Cirkeltröjan

The true story. Notice the blue edge? Mohair. This little turqupise edge is representing TWO balls! Sorry, really GEEK-hair there.. So Is it finished?? Peek-abo! It has great features this sweater. It just looks fab. As a pattern. From the back. And it is a fun knit. Really great. But those last rows are very endless. So, ripping them up? hmm. I'm thinking of pressing them flat. A little curl is ok. But here on the next picture (notice, this is the SECOND) time I pose, my hubby did not press enough... So the "good" moment went away.. But I'm sstarting to turn, it really shows. This is not flattering. Ny belly grows like I'm 8 months. As the truth is, Im overweight. But I rather hide it than flaunt it. So..

No, colours are fab. What about the red bag? That is where I keep the rest of the yarn. That is where this UFO has waited, and waited for what? The truth! First it is the other sleeve (last picture). Then by cleverly bending the arm, you cannot see that I just knitted one sleeve. It is big and bubbly. It make me look like rhino-legs instead of arms. Ok, I do not have skinny arms either, they sure have tamed wild horses for many years before tap, tap taping years on the computer. But, I really should not show the last picture. Now you still have a reasonable good impression of me, the sweater and this blog. But I do not get that many new comers (if you are, reveal yourself with a comment!) So, this last
absolutly chocking picture, shows my fat unknitted arms and a "huge" belly. Wow. This is my plan. Knit this other sleeve, just a bit more narrow. COUNT THOSE STICHES (write them down is the hard part). Rip the other arm up, and reknit it. Then. try to flatten it. If it doesn't work. Frog back (ouch!) to you see the lighter area like 20 rows back on the cirle... then put MARKERS in, THEN put extra markers and make a front (mid to somewhere, short rows) and sorry.This is DESTROYING THE PATTERN, but there is NO WAY I carry it in public otherwise. Exercise. Great plan! It will just be a nice "from behind" picture on this blog. So. That is confession. Do they throw me out of the KAL? - I have not done it yet. This type of decisions surgery requires guts. It also requires vacation. It means overcoming the UFO reason and becoming very WIP again. I luv you all! But it ain't over until the .. until I start to sing!


villaa ylle said...

Come on, there is nothing wrong with you or your arms! The sleeve looks too big, that´s for sure. How about shaping it a bit and knit it smaller? The colours and yarn you have used in the circular jacket are super. How about wearing the same colour on your pants and the t-shirt? Would that help? If you create some kind of front pieces for this I might be interested too:):) Monica

heidi said...

Den ser urläcker ut!

Jag håller med om att ärmen på koftan ser rätt stor ut, vilket snarare ger effekten av att du har en väldigt normalt skapt arm (alltså inte alls stor).

Din räddningsplan låter bra så här långt. Jag hoppas det går som planerat. Att lägga ner så mycket arbete och sedan vara missnöjd är urtråkigt.

HPNY Knits said...

oh my! the colors are absulutly wonderful. it looks like the sea when you look from the top of a cliff, the depth changes give color changes.
the sleeve does look too big, it will fit better smaller.

Garngamen said...

weLL Monica, Heidi and HpNYKnits, thanks for the comments. Glad you agree the sleeve is to big. It sounds like a good plan. Latest idea is to NOT rip it out but to pick up a front (behind) the edge and make it more flattering....Still UFO status though, it moved into the sofa, but it is not knitted on yet. Tack/Thanks.