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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer is great--

yepp, summer is great outside, I have noticed. Im working with my computer. And I'm so ready for vacation. Anyway, Hubby and me sneaked of for a short sailing trip. Just enough to do my socks. Looking totally freaked here, must be the trying to pose with the socks, instructions to photographer and just on my way to drop the whole thing. Bummer, I knitted my "easy travel knit" instead of working on the sleeves. But I'm ok with result. What do you think? Notice that one sock has much more lime than the other ;-) well, not a sweater yarn, but fun to colour, that is for sure! I managed to hide the threads hanging from the toes (the still do ;-) I was totally brushed off - NO comments, when I entered the KAL from the twisted float shrug-along. What did I say? What did I do? Am I that boring? sigh. No way to please. I would like to make people happy. I guess I watch to much Scrubs - and of course I'm JD fan, ok Eliott! Or Dr Cox, or ....Summer. Ahh.. Roses are blooming. I hope I get that job. I hope work eases down. I hope I can write all my papers to research... Ahh.. Crash cart!
Hmm button you are sneaking around and unpressable.
Work work...


HPNY Knits said...

the socks went fast! has to be fun to knit your own yarn. the whole experience looks very relaxing.
I noticed that others n the KAL don't get comments either, so don't worry- they'll get there.
mixing yarns can really change a project- sometime too much, I try to use variety often, but-

heidi said...

Sockarna ser jättefina ut!

och när kommer fortssättningen på cirkelkoftan? Jag har bara sett några få som gjort klara sin. Du postade ju en bild på din för ett tag sedan - har du stickat mycket mera på den sedan dess?

villaa ylle said...

SEMESTER, det är det du behöver. Segling, stickning och litet trädgård:) Monica

Garngamen said...

Back from the trenches. I have not even had TIME to log in to my hobby blogging computer. Knitting? Not a stich. But, I have had 16 hours straight in fixing grammatic mistakes and rephrasing (and submitting) one paper (was done 1.20 last night), And today was crazy too. Just got home. So, to answer all you questions and comments (hey the best present is to get a comment! For sure!) ...

Yep. They were a "easy project". Less than 6 hours a sock. Cannot remember when I did something that fast. And you were my inspiration, saying you wanted to see a swatch! I never (hmm) swatch. I swatch a usable Item. So, it is a swatch sock. I noticed the KAL was not intense. But I got one comment there, so future filled of hope! But mixing? The full explanation is commented on the KAL (why it is bubbly). So.. Had a good 4th of July???

Dearest Heidi. Thanks! Hmm. You are so right. I need that kick to get going with twisted... I'm much further than the pictures. I will definitely get a ppicture in. But, I'm not finished. And it is a few days knit. Okok. It is a BIG knit.

And dearest Monica. Vacation starts on Monday. Unfortunately I'm doing a research "summer course", so I think pressure will leave around 2008. I tell myself - I have chosen it. So I should not complain. But, I agree It is vacationtime. Garden, sailing and knitting, and cuddling with the hubby! Take care yourself too.

Ann-christin said...

Det va precis inte lite garn det
tänk om man hadesånt så lager
Det är väldigt fin blogg

Det enda som är ledsamt för mig att jag inte läser Engelska