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Friday, June 09, 2006

More knitting... what a week.

So, one day cold. One very long day in Ronneby (yepp, plane again). Knitted on Ronneby Square (people turned their head). Taxi did not want to drive me to airport, but had me wait for 40 minutes (that is small town rude for you!) But, met an ex-co-worker that took over the local yarnshop. Into Garnstudio, Idena and not much more. Some nice knitted sweaters. Some linnen cloths. But, just not that "umpf" a yarnoholic like me look for. And maybe she was not enlightened by her surroundings, that was (according to her) an acrylic set of old ladies. Small-town. Sigh. So, today my long awaited package from Vienna was picked up. A friend carried: a pair of Birkenstock in pink flowers "Papillon" (great sandals!) a whole bunch of dirty clothes, and: One box (10 balls) of Filatura di Crosa, 100% mercisered cotton in a beautiful blend of lime and greens, and purple and blues. Also, some hot pink turquoise (3 balls) and a yellow,pink small ball. Great! Like Christmas in the midsummer!
Mother-in-law was reading the Poetry of Stiches and agreed they were "my colour". Ahh, but her comment is always - I have yarn until I die. She returned the Shadow Knitting book (Vivan Höxbro) and I realized that she has greatmodels for wellbuilt women like me. As always, m-i-l had knitted a shadow knitted poncho. It started like a shalw,but she liked the idea that it stayed on, and was fitted. I will definitely sneak a picture of her. Well, the light struck the train (or some other heat) so I was stuck 1.30 min on the train from Västerås.
And, I hear all sighs and complaints, and, as a knitter, I know, the stop is not long enough...Again, I was stuck without a pattern. That is so weird. But, at I'm passed the division of front and back. Now comes my real hurdle. Deciding if I should stick with the Julia pattern, make a band and a round neck. Or... should I rework it to a V-neck more flattering to my figure? Hey. I need help. And tomorrow is day-sailing (with knitting?) It MUST BE PUBLIC ON World Wide Knitting day!


HPNY Knits said...

looks like great progress for the green lace.
yes, a long journey is made short when one is knitting, also waits in dr wait rooms and government offices...
what is the interesting looking hat? you made it on the trip or it was in the shop?

Garngamen said...

Flatterer. It is still pictures from a knitting exhibition (Värmlands museum) that I talked a bit about before... Not mine. I do unfortunately work too much. But, it has to be more knitting here!