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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mumin, yarn.. rambling on..

Mumin is a Finish classic childstory That captures the spirit of everyone, best psychological stuff about life. Anyway, my friend had these mugs, and when strolling around on the airport I just couldn't resist these. In grey is Stinky (stealing bottles) in the way I'm steeling yarn (No! I never steal, but sneak like Gollum, pressious!). Up left you see the reseacher (in me ;-) what a projection! and of course, little My just has fun. So, the stash is this wonderful fat unwashed finish spun lovelys. And the green one is the Himalaya silk (reclaimed!).
So, Enterlac is back on shelf. I have a complex problem to solve, there and I'm in the Latvian Mitten KAL, deadline very soon.. So, not to spoil the fun, have a look at my competing mittens BACKSIDE ;-) still looks great! So, I will work hard to see if I can fix my second (different) mitten on time. That will be challenging.

But, I'm walking nightwatch on my boatclub on Friday, so it will be a whole night to knit and check on boat-owner. Anyway, the problem is that I had planned to knit my EASTER sweater. I have done one sleeve yesterday (much knitting, little blogging)... and there is just one sleeve left (and a collar) and I will look hot with the chickens and eggs! But easter is all about garden, and choclates so this will be a weird Easter. Pruning apple trees in APRIL that is late. Well, now it is time for some more knitting.


HPNY Knits said...

the Finish spun yarn looks nice as is! it is great to have the natural colors. I love natural alpaca, with all the variations and grades.
The inside of your mitten looks amazing! My grandmother, who taught me to knit , had always said that the back of the knitting is the real mark of excellence.

villaa ylle said...

Det räcker visst med 1 vante för att delta i tävlingen. Risken är förstås att vante nr 2 blir färdig först till nästa påsk:) Snusmumriken är jättecharmig. Monica

Garngamen said...

Well, You are too kind my NY friend! It could be coloured with a green tint (and all would have it), but occasionally I also think it is great to keep natural. It is so fat, I think if you had it next to your skin, you would not need to use any lotion (but one one probably smell like sheep!)

So Monica, I will finish the second mitten, when I find the yarn (I need to chase it from a overcommited spinnery (Ö-götland)). But hey, that is not the ONLY mitten I'm entering!