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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weird Knitting patterns, and some success!

So, doing a heart upside downwas boring, in Muscat Cotton from Drops. It is still not summer. No rush, so, I started with Bohus knitting: Yellow Lace collar. It is beautiful. I do it as a cardigan. Ok, I had just started doing the collar and immediatily I confused myself. When does the button-holes start? and then right and wrong side? hmm. should the delimiter (start) and end of button"part" be a purl? Well, I realized how much of a free knitter I'm and how really lousy I'm to understand patterns. (That is why I force myself to really follow patterns - to get use to them!) After a big sigh (it is probably not difficult) at all.... I picked up another WIP! My enterlac in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Dk. Lousy yarn for knitting Enterlac since I realized it is superwash (This was some years ago, when I assumed no bought yarn was treated that said 100 % wool). Stupid me. So, Enterlac -Swedish (kont- or Näver-stickning). I stared at the knitting for half a day, trying to work the joining out (well this one is not using a pattern! but my own design!) And then I sat half the night doing the joining neck. So now it looks like a raglan: But getting sleeves in place... Gahh. I now see why this was in a bag. I still have not figured it out. But that is something for a PhD student. Haha...


BertandFelix said...

You'll have to post pictures of your new Bohus sweater. I just started the Skogsmorkeret for my sister.

Garngamen said...

It is just nothing right now, working on that enterlac, but when there is something to show, I will! Promise! Wow, she will be happy, Skoksmörkret is fab fab fab!