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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dear friends - Sticklingarna!

So, half of my knitting bunch showed up. And we explored my collection of knitting books that has really grown lately.We discussed patterns, discussed yarns, bitch a bout the content of acrylics in Rowan yarns "renamed to "microfich" - We enjoyed the true Ås knitting yarn colourscheme. We looked at Socks, smart hand made cords (not Icords - in swedish påtade) and BY HAND. I have a machine for that!. Beautiful!. We admired a corksrew shawl and the drops alpacka wrap sweater from Yll and Tyll. We had food, lattes and bun. And we discussed our beloved teacher Britt-Marie Christoffersson (her pattern on the picture!), who is kicked out of her studio where she lived for many many years. Ahh, I really like them a lot. We all agreed that Latvian Mitten's book was definitely worth buying, and also Nacy Bush Vintage socks. And then we started to discuss Bohus pattern's sizes and colours. And I had to show my failed Vouge circular sweater. Well, how life is...Now I would like to drop everyting and go back to my yellow lace-collar (white base) cardi in Bohus... Hmm.. finish or start.


anne-britt said...

Dette var et veldig spesielt mønster . Hvordan gjør du det - finnes det oppskrift noen steder?

Garngamen said...

It is Britt-Marie Christoffersson's pattern. It is basically a large buttonhole, and you pick up around the edge and knit. It will role automatically since its wool. Contact her. I think she sells it. Unfortunately she is not on the net, but She has an exhibition (Knitting) that is in Landskrona Museum. contact them. She is on the move, so I do not have her new adress yet.