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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ahh yarn festival!

Wow it is time to enjoy another yarn festival. I forget that all Sweden gathers on the friday, and at noon, it the small place is packed with little ladies and big ladies (me). My usual shopping is - leaving the coat in the car, having an empty backpack, filled with to plastic empty bags (somehow they all run out at the end of the day). That is my maximum. And then I just cash up, since after 3 times waiting in line or walking to a broke-o-mat, I have had it. And every time I swear I will not buy ANYTHING. This time I have prepared. I have spentmany hours in my yarn room. Yes, you read it right, it is a room. Large too, with about 15 large boxes and 2 smaller boxes, two "stuck under the bed" special bags - all filled with yarn. Should I flash my stash? Too embarrasing.. Pinelich, pinsamt. It was not a joke when I confessed to yarnoholism. So, going to the festival is both bliss and CURSE.

This time the highlight is the knitting organisation in Sweden, Sticka, and Elsebeth Lavold that will talk at the annual meeting. So, my plan is that this year I will stay away until saturday, hoping all bargins are gone, and that the only yarn left is what I already have got (fat chans!).... well, It might just be a visit to Solsilke (you can see her yarn, ready to go in the picture). There is also the wonderful Noro yarn, Debbi Bliss (Nysta, your tempteress)....And of course, Ås, with a colour-chart like heaven, and true honest yarn, ready to be mixed into a wonderful new design. Ahh, yarnbliss not debbie..;-). Yarn heaven. Weekend.... and wow, I believe I will be content with what I have... or just maybe some more from Naturgarn, to be dyed. No, I have enough have I not? Time to colour Lovikka!! Hmm, that read is only for christmas. What to do with red Lovvika? 1 kg (2.2 pounds!) Hmm, time for bed. Still one day of work tomorrow.

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Cina said...

Då kanske vi ses i morgon. Jag tar bussen ner och kommer lagom till lunch. Håll utkik efter en kofta i Silk Garden.... :)