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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A beautiful gold medal - and "after OS anxiety"

The gold medal is beautiful, and I'm still happy about it, I really feel I deserved it. Thank you again Yarn Harlot with wonderful support team. Think that the notorious non-finisher actually finished. And so many comments from all wonderful people. That someone cares to take a moment and leave such a nice support. I tell you, it feels great. Just fantastic. Anyway forgot to tell you it was knitted on needle 7mm except one pocket which is knit on 3.5 mm (wanted it tight), that pocket was three nights (and that was the first week, still thinking I had plenty of time).

Yes I have slept (for those who asked) but some late knits. The problem is, what to do now. I feel a little "loss" after finishing this. You get attached to the coat. It is heavy... but just right to wear. I will take it on a longer trip tomorrow to test its wear and tear. So, it is time to get into Latvian Mittens again. But an AdLibris book spree, have me looking at old vouge vintage patterns, and the new "over the edge". Aha, now I get all those loopdloop edges. Well, getting back to the knitting joy! Dreaming about all those wonderful projects to be. Glad some of them come to existence.

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