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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow - How many great people there is!

So, the net is a saviour for any sick flu depression. I just bought knittingbooks en masse..... and then a large walk around the world visiting other crazy knitbloggers. Just amazing. I wanted just to treat you with a bohus from my archive - no, I do not have the chart or or the knitted piece, or even the name - it is not blue shimmer... but someday maybe?Right now, I have enough just knitting all pieces from Solveig. Yes, I cannot forget to mail her before our sewing festival. Im just hoping that she would go into the lime/green or autum colours like Dean... I guess she is into the fashionable Reds and pink....

Ohh my biggest dream would be to go to either Pitti Filati that goes in Florens, or to any of the Stitch events. Of course Stich West just sounds better, since I spend a highschool year as an exchange student at Bullard highschool in Fresno. Oh, I miss my wonderful families there. To sad I was so screwed up as a teenager. I still feel a bit sorry for everything I messed up. Well, it made me a better person, and I did my best in the circumstances... Care for another picture? This one is the Swan! Reminds me of the birdflu. The poor swans are just outside the Swedish coast, and it is a matte of time until the beautiful springbirds makes it back from there winter holiday. I sure hope it doesn't become an epedimi. No, catastrophic fantasies. Just knit, keep knitting out there.


BertandFelix said...

Love the picture of the bohus (?)!

Hope you are feeling better. When I was so sick this past January I didn't even knit. That is how sick I really was.

I was an exchange student to Sweden in High School. I lived in Gavle. That is where I really learned how to knit. I will never forget my Swedish mother telling me "You knit all wrong" and then she showed me how she knits. LOL. I still keep in contact with them and miss them and Sweden!! There is a neighborhood here in Chicago called Andersonville...there I can get some Sweden food and a princess torta...yummy.

Garngamen said...

Ahá, How interesting. And I was in the US as an exchange student. Well, I'm glad that this exchanges exists. It does change the outlook on life and people. I remember my first Taco in US, and Brownies... Ahhh... Baskin Robbins with its 31 flavours.. In Sweden then it was only 3, but times change. Yeh Princess tårta. Yummy. I visited some firends also - corn farmers north of Chicago. Well, south of Fresno there is a itty bitty "swedish" town called Kingsburg. I was there on Midsummar in 100 F. It was hot in my woolen Swedish costume. Anyway, Very nice to talk to you. Take care.. My flu isn't that bad, just enough to get your priorities changed. And- I'm feeling better today. The good ol "TLC" does magic.

Cecilia N said...

Nä. Jag är inte tjatig utåt. Men det tjatar i mig varje gång jag går in på din blogg: hur går det med din blåa snygga cirkelkofta? Den som är bakgrund på din knapp.
Så, nu slapp det ur mig!

(Fast translation: How is your blue circular jacket progressing?Haven't seen anything about it in a long time. Want pictures!)